OK - here it is - ISS Atlantic City March 8th through the 11th.

Next week is the ISS Atlantic City show and we have a couple of opportunities to get together - do some training, and then have a few drinks and catch up! 

Thursday there is a full day workshop - it's some of the basics but we can all use a refresher from time to time. Go here for the details - http://blog.imprintables.com/versacamm-print-cut-workshop-at-iss-at...

On Friday night after the show, we will have our annual meet up at the Tun Tavern! 6 PM - meet at the far side of the bar and make sure you are ready to have a good time! Last year we had about 15 of us and I think we about shut the place down :-) Post if you will be going to either or both events and feel free to contact me for any details. The Tun Tavern is across the street from the convention center located in the Sheraton - easy walking distance for all. 

I hope to see everyone there and look forward to catching up!

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Sorry Steven, I'm out of town and won't be back until Sunday to see my guy. Dennis and I will see you and Irv in AC on the following Friday night.

Got it! See you soon 

I'll be there, sleepin in my car thurs night so far,(won't be the last time I'm sure) but I have to come, I owe Irv a beverage for helping me with a problem. And I'm sure Steve will have some great info for us.

Yes John that is what I am talking about - Long Island Ice Tea on the menu. Any one else owes me, I will be collecting if you have a conscious and a wallet. Now I am counting wake-ups.

I was thinking more along the lines of scotch - single malt - neat

We can do that - but I want to be dirty - LI Tea - yesssss! So we can possibly do the neat thing Thursday or Saturday when I finalize my schedule.

that is a plan!

Irv, we must be born under the same sign....LI's are the only way to get there!!

Yes Jim some punish themselves slowly, I believe in the IV approach.

OK all set, I'll be there Thurs for training and my Wife is coming down Friday afternoon for the weekend, no kids, grandkids, or dogs !!!

Sounds like a fun weekend!!!

Can't wait for "networking" at the Tun! See you all there Friday night! Steve would love my new girl to do the training. Might come up to Clifton sometime and take advantage of a day there.


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