I just upgraded to X8 and am having the following issue.   when I send to X8  the file shows up as attached.  what am I missing??

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I meant when I send to versaworks from x8 only part of the file is showing up. 

Looks like your mucking something up in your export settings.......why are the page sizes in Corel and Versaworks so different?

I always export ‘selected only’, with my image selected, just to assure I’m getting what I asked for.

lady Di

Highlight your design, Select export, selection only, this page only, and select eps or pdf.

Bring that file into VW. Do not send from corel directly to the printer. You are sending it as a printer file and looks like you are getting what ever your printer page is set to - ie 8.5x11 and your design is not in those specs

I am not seeing "selection only this page only"   I always export   then open in versaworks.

see attached


if only one page you   will not see that message. Just ensure you have the art selected.

Use the pick tool to draw a box around it so that the art and the cut is selected and then do the export command.


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