Whenever I print on any type of media (calendared & cast vinyl, canvas etc) I will get these random light streaks through my print. This behaviour is unpredictable and I have wasted so much material because of this. It doesn't matter which profile I use, and my print heads are all firing normally.

Any ideas?

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So you are getting the banding in all colors or just your greys?  Have your done your calibration and bi-direction on that particular media? Do you know if gray is your problem color that is to be expected with your machine. The new VSi machines address that issue with the Light Black ink so they get a true grey oppose to the ones with a red, yellow, or green hue.

As you can see, the red does not have this problem. I have this issue with greys and blues mainly. It looks like the red is putting down more ink, but the grey appears thin. The red is a process colour and the grey is a Roland spot colour.

Calibration and bi-directional settings have been set for this media.

Roland has a document for printing greys with your machine - a known issue. I do not have it handy - you can google it on their site or the internet - it might also be in our downloads - that might help some. Just ensure you are addressing the profile issue - that is important - what is your color management preset - you might want to try prepress us if not already!

Thanks for the info Irving. I usually use Prepress US, but I tried Max Impact and the streaks were not as obvious.

Out of curiosity - on the file format tab in VersaWorks - there are two boxes concerning spot colors. How are your boxes? I am hoping the answer is yes for checked. I would make a couple of 3 inch boxes to print - and print at standard and HQ - both pre and max and see if you have any better preference for your grey. The document should help you - if you do not find it let me know - I can search - and make sure you have those boxes checked to get the right colors from the roland library.

Interesting problem.

Hopefully you still have the bad prints so you can look for some kind of pattern. If it is random or randomly occurs later on in the print job.

That job in the image uses a lot of black.

The spareness if ink could indicate ink starvation. There is no banding that i can see so the nozzles must be pretty good. It seems to cut in and out.

Potentially a flow issue with the damper or captop if this is only isolated to one print head.
Pull a report for firing data.

Print head fatigue/fault, captop blockage or manifold leak.


Roland Grayscale Printing pdf

Calibration is not the point, Ahmed. Calibration would change the color generally, not in only in some parts of the print. So Davis, did you find an solution? Would try change dampers an look for static loading use a grounding cable?).


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