I know of a Ioline 300 for sale. A 300 is a flatbed cutter and good for cutting thick, Kiss-cutting, and pieces of material. If interested PM me and I will put you in touch with the seller. They are also selling it with a PC and latest software.

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getting rid of some equipment?

Too bad I already have one.  It's such a sweet machine, I don't know why anyone would want to get rid of it.  Of course, if you have a laser and a stone setter and a Roland cutter, I guess you might not use it as much.  I do so much kiss cut tackle twill that I couldn't live without it.   It's a good machine for someone who's breaking into tackletwill and can't afford a laser.



Sorry Robert the company that was selling it is now out of business.

Thanks, any idea were i can find one? Do you think that company or person would still have it?

The company sold off the equipment to a company in Georgia. Since I already owned one, I had no need for 2. I did tech work on their Roland - if I knew I was going to need another machine at the time I would have went for theirs. You can check T-shirt forum - they have more users there.


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