My computer died on me and I'm trying to install VersaWorks 2.2.0 on my new computer. It will not recognize the printer. Any help would be appreciated.

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Check for versions compatible with Win7

Some of that data is outdated on the chart - I am using windows 7 64bit home premium and currently have no issues with any of the 4 printers and the i1 Spectrophotometer.

I should have said it is a VP300

John - Versaworks 2.2 is not supported at all on windows 7. Do you have any of the updates?

No. Lost everything.

John - you will need to contact your Roland dealer you got the machine from to see if they can get you a copy of Versaworks or call Roland direct. I am not sure what the going cost is right now for it. Give me a call also if you have a chance.

What do you mean your computer died? Hard drive, Software, Hardware, Fire, Nuclear Fission?

A lot of things can be done to rescue lost data, as long as you don't write over deleted data it's still there it's just that the computer doesn't remember where it is and will use it as empty space. 

+1, unless it was the actual hard drive that failed it's relatively easy to rescue your data. Even if it was the hard drive, a data recovery company may still be able to get it back for you.

Yep, If the hard drive is ok just stick it in another computer and copy whatever data you want to save, I have five HD's in mine two are from old comps as long as their bootable just click on the drive letter and all is still there, 32 or 64 bit it don't matter. If the hard drive is the problem put it in the freezer for a couple of hours then jam it into a tray and fire it up, then quickly drag files off, if it shuts down stick it back in the freezer.Strange but true, I fix the damn things also. 

You don't even necessarily have to remove the hard drive, if it was just the OS that went screwy you can just boot into Linux from a live CD or USB and mount the drive through there. Had to do that to more Vista machines than I care to remember... glad I skipped that version myself.

There are several FREE programs that you can find that can recover deleted data yourself go to and do a search.

My son has a computer business and builds computers. After trying a few days he gave my comp. the last rights and built me a new one.


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