INKS: Eco Sol Max vs Eco Sol Max 2 and VersaStudio compatability

okay, I understand that this forum is for basing comparison between machines and not soo much "ink"  however I was genuinely curious to know what anyone out there thinks or has experienced or whatnot.

Firstly let me start by saying that I have a OUT OF WARRANTY BN-20 and I am not necessarily too worried about messing up my inks etc.... I was wondering if someone has done an ink comparison between the   

Eco Sol Max   inks and the Eco Sol Max 2 inks   

a while ago I converted my machine from printing CMMYK to printing CMYKWh    and I was warned by Roland over the phone that I might risk having bad prints the rest of the machine's life (having the white ink go thru the Magenta might mean I get magenta tone hues in my white)  I have YET to experience this color problem but was willing to accept that just to be able to print "white"  after all I do not offer my clients or customers any exact spot color matching since I hate Pantones anyway :)

I would like to know WHY it is that I cannot use my BN-20 print head to run ECO SOL MAX 2 inks.   A while back I emailed Roland about this and here is an excerpt of the inquiry and the response I received.

----------------------ORIGINAL EMAIL FROM ME---------------------------------

Tech Support Request

The customer information below has been submitted from the RDGA Technical Support Form

Model BN-20
Ink Type: CMYK + White
Questions/Comments: Hi there! I was wondering if the Eco Sol Max 2 Inks are compatible with my Versa Studio? If so what would you recommend for transition?
Date Submitted: 10/17/2013 8:15:01 AM

--------------------TECH SUPPORT RESPONSE-----------------------------

Hello Laura,

Thanks for contacting Roland Product Support. The BN-20 was released with Eco-Sol MAX inks. At this time, there is no support nor are they compatible with the EcoSol Max 2 Inks for the BN-20. I hope I have been helpful. Roland appreciates your business.


Thank You,

Product Support


I really WISH this lady had elaborated to me as to WHY I cannot make a switch???  It would appear to me that the differences between both inks might not be that big,  but I wanted to know if someone out there might be able to enlighten me as to WHY I might not want to go a route to use Eco Sol Max 2 inks.

I am not saying I WILL use them, but the other reason I bring this up is because I just ordered inks for my BN-20 and my supplier sent me Eco Sol Max 2 inks and it really freaked me out.  I already emailed them about this and told them that Roland had told me it was NOT compatible but I would like to learn from other people what they think or how they feel about this.  I shook the inks and the viscosity of the inks appears to be the same,  but then again maybe the difference between viscosity is so slight that I can't tell just by shaking.. meh  *shrug*   advice or tips?  again remember I am not worried about color, pantones, etc so IF this Eco Sol Max 2 ink might be the same except BETTER and still usable then I wouldn't mind transitioning over.  Hmm... I wonder if my BN-20 would even recognize the cartridge  :x

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ok,  sooo I just got a response from my Ink supplier right now when I asked him about the differences, and he said that so far the only major differences are the Computer Chips that are installed on the print cartridges and that their in house research team has actually ran a few print tests to see how the OEM carts perform vs theirs AND also Eco Sol Max2 vs the old one and that there is very little difference.   I am going to guess that maybe it will be OK for me to switch them up... I heard that the dry time has decreased for the Eco Sol max2 carts and that it is less stinky.... buuut I don't know.  I guess I will report to someone when I find out.  

Did you ever get to test the Eco Sol Max2 inks in your VersaStudio? I'm wondering if it works and if you've noticed any difference in the Color?


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