Printing a section with a lot of red in it.

The print starts off fine, but then after 5-6" into the print I start loosing magenta.

Eventually printing just yellow.

Has a new magenta cartridge. Just ran a cleaning.

Is this a damper issue or maybe a cap top?

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Let's see your nozzle test!

How old is the captop?

Which machine?

What is your ink configuration?

captops are probably a year old.

Roland SP-300V

Top test is what I get after running a cleaning

SPv - machine has some years on it

Top looks more than a year old by prints

Separate nozzle tests are better than multiple in one pix

Your columns should be straight and they are not

So some headstrikes not them out of alignment - causing some of your printing issues

The deflecting nozzles are causing some other printing issues

The calibration test is off - your test should show you an overlap

would need to see a pec report to see how many shots were fired from the head

So if the ink is not being maintain either damper is failing or the top is preventing the damper from filling due to it being exhausted.

So maybe replace the cap top and see what happens and go from there?

Just replaced the cap tops.

From right to left is the nozzle test after replacement.

Did a cleaning in between each test.

Got into an actual print and the magenta runs out.

Are we down a damper or something else?

You pictured multiple nozzle tests at an angle. One close up straight on picture can tell so  much more. If the media you are using is 13 scrim banner - hard to determine banding since that media is designed to be viewed from afar. After top, then next step is damper, then head.

Replacing the damper fixed it.

Thanks for the help.

Welcome, Happy CAMMing!


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