Hi all! Happy Holidays.

I am after some advice if possible please

I have a problem with our Roland VS540 (5 years old) with LC+C+LM-M+BK+YL+MT+WHT setup.

We use only original Roland ink. One day I came back to the printer it had been in standby mode and there was ink all over the floor the Drain Bottle was full and overflowing (The day before it was empty)
So after it was cleaned up and the printer was cleaned etc and replaced the now empty cartridges and it was printing ok. Then it was just in standby mode for a few weeks without being used, Then it happened again. This time cleaned the printer and tried a test print and it started to print really really faint, So I replaced the captop, wiper blade and felt and did a head soak. After all that I then went through the menu to do a head clean (wipe the head etc) and the head is just dripping ink.

If the printer is turned off the Ink Cartridges will just empty into the drain bottle.

Any Ideas could it be the dampers?

Thanks in advance!!

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Dampers, sensors, but if more than one at a time all of a sudden, then usually a board!


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