Hi guys, I'm new to this website and hope maybe someone here has an idea about a solution.

-Boss bought a Roland SP-540v 2 months ago off craigslist so no warranty help from Roland

-It sat unused for 1.5 months until I was hired and handed the 'project' of getting the thing running (an art degree does not a mechanic make)

-I got the thing up and running, printing and cutting

-Now 3 weeks later, having some issues with mass drop outs in our magenta, with yellow just bleeding through. 

-I ran some normal cleanings, and did a test print. Blue and black were fine, but magenta and yellow had only 5-10 lines each. Yellow was still printing ok at that point. So, I replaced the magenta ink with a new one to see if that would fix anything and it came back online, no drop outs at all. But then suddenly, the yellow disappeared. Nothing on prints, test prints, or anything. I did some normal cleanings x3 and a medium clean x1, nothing. I then did a manual clean and found a good amount of built up on the printer heads. I didn't have enough time to clean the wipers as the printer was beeping it was going to dry up, so I put the cover back on and let it sit for an hour before opening it back up. When I opened it up an hour later, all the black, cyan, and magenta ink that I had just cleaned off the printer heads was back as well as some ink splashes near the wipers (the three metal bands, not sure what they are for, it's past the sponge). I had not used the printer at all, not even for a test print. So, I cleaned off the wipers (which I will shortly be replacing) and the printer head again and did a test print to see if that would bring the yellow back online. Nothing. And I after the test print, I peered in the side and saw that more ink splashes had appeared on the three metal bands near the sponge.

So, is something leaking? I've heard replace printer head but if it's printing the magenta which shares the head with yellow, it can't be the head right? I'm thinking maybe the yellow ink dried in the line and it's not making it to the ink run-off and it's backing up into the cap tops? We haven't see the ink line increase in our run-off bottle... There is also a lot of smeared ink on the outside of the printer heads. Would this be from an insufficient cap top seal? Not sure, what do you guys think? I'm going to try to pull ink through with a syringe and see what I get.

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to start - you will need to replace the captops. The transfer of colors is the indicator of that - also not getting the ink and the drop outs. Once your replace those - redo your steps and you should be fine. When cleaning the surface of the head, no back and forth motion - just a very wet swab and hold it against. Clean around the captops and around the head so they get a good seal. We will get that degree working for you yet. Great job so far.

Thanks! I replaced both cap tops and the yellow and magenta are perfect, no drop outs. Black still has some drop outs and fuzzy lines. Nothing major, still prints fine. Should I do a couple more normal, medium cleanings to try to improve it? Does it need to be perfect?

Weird thing though: I did a print job this morning, looks great, but I still see ink splashes and drips on the metal plate near the spit-sponge. Is this normal? It is from the wipers?


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