I have a versacamm 420

I had been printing transfers & had a few more left before 

I needed to print a banner. 

I wanted to do a manual cleaning before going on to the banner.

So I did the usual cleaning and went back to printing the last of the 

transfers. Now I have yellow prints for all orange,Red,pinks.

I’m so confused and not sure why or what happened to cause this.

any help would be much appreciated!



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Anyone know what what would cause this

You did not say your ink configuration, but a VS40 should have 8 columns and you do not.

That is your issue with the color change. 

Thant does not come from head cleaning, unless you touched the head surface.

Also you have many blocked and deflecting nozzles which are causing you not to have clean edges.

If a 48 hour head soak does not work, you will need a head replacement.

You need all columns to get your correct colors.

I have the cmyk plus metallic and white inks.
I just cleaned the outer edge doing the cleaning. I didn’t notice anything on the print head while cleaning.
I’m going to check again and see if I can get a picture of it.
I just finished changing the cap top to see if that would help.(it was last replaced 3 months ago)
The missing column, does that mean the print head needs replacing?
Or is there a way to bring back the missing column?
Thanks for helping

Ok missing columns could mean you need a new print head. However, when did they go missing. If they was there before the captop change, then check the top. Ensure it is springy and you have the little spring to the front. Also you have white & metallic - replace with cleaning cartridges if you are not using - so depending on region your 6 mo captop life was cut in half. If the head is seated squarely on the top, then the next issue would be clogs, then dampers. So first check lines tops to drain, if clear then we looks at dampers.

They were missing before the cap top change.
The missing columns started this week.

Changing out the metallic and white, do I just switch out the cartridges for the cleaning cartridges?

I haven’t changed the dampers myself before. They have been done by the Roland techs.
How do I go about checking and changing those?
Thanks again

I do not recommend you changing the dampers, a good way for you to further damage the head. If you choose to do so you can search the net for a video - all the VS machines are the same.

Do 2 powerful cleanings back to back and see if there is any improvement. You can change the special inks now and if you need them again - you can do a couple of power cleans or print that color until it comes back and then print your job.

Ok thank so much. I will try the power cleans now and see how that does.

If you do 2 and no change, then real issues. Cannot remember your menu, but if you have a choke clean option you need to do that also.

I did the 2 cleans and no change.
I haven’t seen the choke option.
So I’m guessing it’s not looking good.

I would say that a damper change would fix one issue, but that other color would have no change. You would be fix by a head change.

Thanks for your help. It looks like I will have to get a new head and may as well do all new dampers at the same time.

Always replace dampers, wipers, and captop when doing a new head - if the top is new and not full of sludge from the head soak, then you are fine there. I tell folks do not put in a new engine in a car and keep the old oil, and filters.


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