Would anybody happen to know of a 54" media roll that is inexpensive for the purpose of printing disposable floor mats for car maintenance shop uses?

 I am not even sure if this is a ideal use for a solvent ink versacamm but if the pricing checks out then its something I would like to take a stab at. Its for a customer I already do a lot of work for and I have a big printer so I figured I would explore this idea.

It seems that 80# paper stock is generally used for the mats.

Or should I leave this alone considering my printer type?

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The issue - is that paper is normally used. You can get any eco-solvent paper, then more than regular paper, or the ink will bleed through. - So your choice would be matte or gloss and it's photo paper - seems like a waste. The other issue is if you use photo paper there is no carrier, which means no contour cutting. However you can lie to your printer and tell it it has a carrier by selecting sign vinyl and carefully score and perf cut it. It still will be thick.


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