Does anyone know why I'm getting dark red for black and yellow for cyan on my SP300V.

I just replaced all dampers and cap tops. All the connections are correct.

I tried to print two bars one of black and one of cyan, both at 100%.  After about four or five tries

I still get dark red instead of black and light yellow for cyan.

Many thanks in advance.

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Recheck ink  line connections. Sounds like the cyan yellow have been switched.

Thanks for your response.

If that is the case why are yellow and magenta printing fine?

According to the Rolands' drawing and my connection it looks correct.

Take a look at my sketch of the connections I made...

Thanks again.



Looks right - I have no clue. In order to get wrong colors the lines have been switch or incorrect ink cartridges inserted. If using OEM carts that is not a possibility. Aftermarket  or CIS system is.

After sucking the cyan ink line and checking the new cyan damper, I found new cyan damper with hardly any ink. So I replaced it again. All is well now. I would like to know what "cross contamination" is , apart from the obvious, how is it solved and the cause of  "cross contamination"? Someone mentioned it but no explanation or how to solve it.

Cross contamination occurs when 1 captop serves 2 or more colors. Examples: (1) The captop does not drain allowing the colors to mix. (2) A vacuum is created when there is a leak in one of the ink lines allowing one color to be drawn into another colors line.

I'm a lot wiser now. Many thanks.

Cross contamination can also occur when a line is blocked, the pump will fill nozzle with available ink, thus cross contamination. Also can occur with a dirty encoder strip since the head fires when it cannot read the correct position. If need answers post nozzle tests.

Thank you for the explanation.

Having done what I listed above, I now get the black coming out as dark brown and some of the colors are mixed. Like you stated, the color mix is the case of dirty encoder strip? 

I have uploaded the images.


In addition to what I stated above

You had a good headstrike and you may have a possible cracked manifold

even if you did not have the contamination - you would have a very bad black head

Lastly how many shots are on those heads - those heads may be getting exhausted and just want to lay down and die

Sounds like new heads!

As soon as my pockets starts to  bulge, I'll replace them.

In the meantime I'll try to finish one job which is not too critical.

Being the first replacement of heads since new, any common mistakes I should be aware of when replacing the heads and critical settings needed?

Many thanks.

Get a tech, or search the google machine

If only I had known!


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