I have a problem.  Recently my VS540i has started cutting off center the further left on the sheet it goes.  In the attached picture the left image is the first cut on the run and the right image is the last cut across the roll.  I am using a 54" wide roll of decal material.  I have gone into the Print/Cut Adjustment menu and the test print is perfect.  I have slowed down the Cut Speed to 10 cm/sec and this has helped a little bit.  Any ideas?

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if the first cut is satisfactory then the print and cut adjustments are fine.

how many pinch rollers are you using and is it laminated before cut

also confirm that.....auto env match is enabled in the menu.

this print had only 2, but I have tried using all 7 and get the same result.  Where is auto env match?  not familiar with that setting.

Agree with all Chris stated but I see another issue. Your issue happened during printing. Both designs should be the same with one having a bad cut. The shifting happened during the printing and not during the cutting. If during the cutting, the black would be the same around the entire design, but the cut would run off on the left and cut into the design on the right side. Post a picture of your Print/Cut adjustment test print - weeded

Here is the test print.



i presumed that the picture was taken after it has been weeded and james has used a generous black bleed

actually, the decals have a dark navy border with a very generous bleed.

The Print/Cuts are great

Yup, that is what has me so confused!!

Nope, Nope, Nope

Cannot stretch my arms around the graphics.

You print a circle with a bleed - you get the same circle on both sides - that is one 

Machine comes back and cuts - the design does not change - the cut could - that is a different graphic and the center of the graphics slid tot he left - how is that even possible - that is a file or print issue.

I just checked the Firmware version on my VersaCAMM and it is way out of date. It is version 1.7 and Roland has version 2.3 on the website.  however, the file is for a VS640i and I have a VS540i.  I assume it is the same driver. 

Could this be part of my problem?  If y'all think this is part of the problem do you have any experience updating VSi firmware??  I downloaded the file from Roland and the instructions seem pretty easy, but in my experience many things can go wrong even with easy.  If the install crashes during the update will the VersaCAMM be useless until I get a tech here(none in my town)?  Just wondering.  Thanks to all.


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