I have shared in the past with those who attend the VersaCAMM workshops a cost calculator for figuring out quickly what it will cost to produce prints for the different Imprintables Warehouse materials. There are several excel spreadsheets out there and they each can be modified to meet the individuals desires such as how much usable space on the materials, cost of ink, etc. The one I shared was a bit different in that it had all of that in the background and was a very simple way to calculate things and you could add a markup quickly also. 

     The website it was on has been removed and is no longer functional. I do however have the calculator that you can download and use available here on MVC! I have also uploaded the excel spreadsheet that is not quite finished as I am working on adding the cut only films and the sign products. Please let me know what feedback you have on all of them. The zip file with the print cost calculator will need to be extracted and then run the html file (open it in your browser). The rest is pretty self explanatory. 


Let me know your thoughts!



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Awesome, thanks. I recently signed up at Imprintables but haven't ordered anything yet (magenta eco-sol cartridges were on backorder from our normal supplier, luckily they came through and got them to me the day they came in, signed up just in case I needed to get them overnighted to meet a banner deadline), I'm sure this will come in handy when I do get some stuff.

It's probably a no brainer but I wanted to know when determining the items completed per hour does that include start to finish (cutting/printing-cutting, weeding, masking if applicable and pressing) or just the weeding and pressing portion? I watched the YouTube video you made which was a great help!!! Maybe I missed it but I don't believe it specified exactly how to determine items completed. 

Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

I use the complete process for the items per hour. That would be from starting loading to finished product.

These are always useful, so I downloaded them again. I hope you had a great show. Birthing a CAMM on Thursday.

LOL - good to hear the midwife business is keeping you busy :) Are you going to SGIA this year? Roland Imagination workshop looks pretty good.

scheduling is crazy - I will take a look and let you know

Will the new TEK materials be added to the spread sheet or only those sold by Imprintables?  Irv I hope you can make it to SGIA and the Roland Imagination.  I am looking forward to the Imagination seminars/classes.

Most likely at some point they will be added but when I am not sure. 

Thanks for that Rob and Steven, as a newbie this was one of my First questions.  I am going to watch the video for this right now

I'm guessing this is long gone? What I downloaded doesn't look like the youtube video spreadsheet? Oh well...


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