I have imported pdf files of bid documents into CorelDRAW so that I could add text, which makes the document look more professional than entering values by hand.  The attached pdf opens normally in Adobe Reader 9.  However, when I try to import it into CorelDRAW X5 I get an error message that says the file is corrupt.  This file has the same security settings as two other pdf files that accompanied it and that I successfully imported into CorelDRAW this morning.  I tried Copy File to Clipboard and pasting that into a CorelDRAW document but the resolution was awful.  Has anyone encountered a similar problem and, if so, what was the solution?



Perplexed and bewildered

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I've run into this problem when the document had embedded images, or multiple layers that have not been converted to a true PDF. Most of the time I contact the sender to have them convert to a true PDF or open it in my sign program.
I think Butch has it right. There is something in that file that does not convert properly. usually it is an image or sometimes an odd font.
What application are you using to create the PDF?  I normally use Adobe Distiller which comes with the Acrobat Professional version.  It gives you much more control over how the file looks in the end product.  You can create print ready files or ones that are compressed for screen viewing only.  Even using a program like Illustrator to create the PDF will give you some of these functions.  If the file you created was using lots of compression to save on file size then when you import it or open it in another application it may appear fuzzy. Also not all applications can open a PDF file.  I'm not that familiar with Corel to give you any advice.
I was importing someone else's pdf.  I wound up scanning a paper copy of the pdf, because it would open in Acrobat Reader, and was able to import it into CorelDRAW.
I downloaded your PDF and I could place it in Illustrator as I would a raster image.  It looked just as good as opening it in Acrobat 8 Professional.  However, when I just opened the file using Illustrator it gave me font missing messages.  And upon opening the file the text did reflow and some bold fonts were missing. Have you tried placing the PDF in Corel as an image?  Worth a try.  The fire department logo looked low resolution and fuzzy either way.
I placed it into CorelDRAW as an image by copying the file to clipboard and pasting that into a CorelDRAW document; the resolution was awful. 
I tried some things with the file you posted.  As I mentioned above it placed in Illustrator and looked good.  I took this file and Exported out of Illustrator as a Windows Metafile, a Jpeg image, and finally an Illustrator EPS.  I am attaching them (hoping they are not too big) and hopefully you will be able to bring the EPS into Corel. The WMF looked very bitmapped, the Jpeg was fair but type had some jaggies if you zoomed in closer, the EPS looked good as far at text.  Nothing is going to make the logo better. Let me know your results.
Damn you're good Ken.  The eps looks sharp.  Thank you.
Thanks Dennis.  If you want the other two pages I can convert them tomorrow at work and post them here.  Let me know.
The first page was the important one; no need to convert the others.  Thanks again.
Reading some of Ken's post I came to the conclusion that the logo was not converted to a pdf file before being added to the document . In other words it was attached as an image such as a bmp or jpeg, etc. This type of combining shows up as a corrupted file in Corel because it cannot open meshed formats. Have the sender remove the image and it will open.


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