bought to buy an hp printer if i cant figure this out..

ok so when im printing randomly but always at the end of the job it skips a bunch of paper and design is distorted - or sometimes it will roll the media backwards out of the pinch rollers (the printer will continue to print on the metal)

big mess its causing... anyone ever have this issue or can give me advice? thanks!!!

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more info

before it fucks up the printing is perfectly fine, but either the paper fucks up or it starts printing weird then it all gets screwy - never seen anything like this before!!!

understand your frustration but no need for f words .

could be 1001 things but data flow springs to mind 

things like available memory and disk space when ripping, screen savers and computer power management.

examine the data cables from the computer, routers, etc. check fitting have you moved the printer a bit and stretched a cable.somebody loading a roll and caught the cable.

can't remember but was it the VP that had a history of network problems might be worth a search.

then there is the inside the printer cables etc.?? 


Exactly Chris, thanks


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