Hello friends.

I need help.
I have a Roland VS-540 CMYKx2 color mode.
I am in trouble when printing, the colors do not go as desired.

I did several tests, with several profiles, including the originals.
even using in high quality, and unid. and bidirectional.

The problem persists, also using various temperatures

In this case, I used only 3 colors, all in CMYK mode in Illustrator.
The black and the yellow cannot see much difference, the red came out very strange.
I'm using a glossy vinyl.

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Looks like your head is out of alignment

What alignment do I need to do?

In what way do I do the alignment, service mode or user?

Thanks my friend

All head alignments are done in service mode

I would need to see a nozzle test to confirm

Printing alignments are done under bi-directional settings - confirmation is done by printing uni-direction and comparing.

Hi dear

I made the alignment in service mode.
I did several tests, but the color of the print still remains strange.
It is as if the color were granulated or badly mixed, I do not know how to describe it.

The material I'm using is Chinese, at least in Roland's profiles it would have to work, said the reseller.


Several issues:

Calibration is off - that is corrected in user mode

Columns should be straight - yours not - unless angle of photo (that is corrected in service mode)

The deflecting nozzles like that could give you banding consistent left to right or up and down

Mottling Ink - wrong profile and heat settings

-trying gcvp and have all setting on the printer tab set to default media

Calibration is off - that is corrected in user mode
I did not understand what it means, can you explain me better, please

What is the temperature of the print and dryer that I put?

I do again alignment in User mode?

Another thing, do I use the print head low or high?

*The previous photos I did everything with the low print head

Print head should be low

Calibration is under the menu key and the arrow should be under the ones with no space or overlap

You are probably setting the ,machine temps and that should be set by the profile - Use the wrong profile or the machine to set the temps and you get the types of prints you are getting


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