Hello I need help on switching from cyan to light cyan on my BN20. Any help will be appreciated.

thanks in advanced. 

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That machine is not design for that - not sure what you are trying to do, but whatever it is needs to be done by selecting the appropriate colors in a color chart.

A friend of mine gave me two brand new eco sol max light cyan cartridges and I wanted to know if when my regular cyan is over I can change to light cyan ?

Only if you rechip them - the machine is looking for C, not LC - if you want to take off chip and hope that the notch on the top aligns to the slot go for it - I will caution you though the colors will be off since the ink is different. Your machine your choice you will just have to defeat the safety mechanism Roland put in place to prevent users from having unexpected results. Your best approach maybe is to sell them to someone with a need for Lc.


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