Hey guys

So i just finished printing x300 stickers and then BN-20 was just starting to cut them.

I lifted my laptop up to move a cable and on the side it has a stand by button which i hit and it stopped cutting.

Is there a way to restart the job so it can pick up where it left off ?

It cut like 14 stickers so iv another 280+ to cut.



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Hi Irving

This happened again only this time my laptop went to sleep when i came back the machine had cut 5 rows or so with another 20+ to go.

How do i cut only ? i have the registration marks now but nothing happens when i load the same file and choose cut only. The machine does nothing just sits here :S

Im going to do research into the - Print Cut Accuracy way of doing it now as printed x500 stickers yesterday and they folded back onto themselves and the ink stuck onto other stickers which messed half that job up.



Chris only when you have enough of your type of errors is one ready to use this procedure. So lets just say you need 4 sets of registration marks for the optical eye to cut. If all you have is the front 2 - that job - you can square cut and use as samples. All roland sites should have the procedure to do print and cut accuracy, it is theirs. 

Basically you need to set the page height. Set the height after you get the width. Then go to custom cut at the top (not custom roll) place in width you just got and the height of 2 rows plus tile space. You may have to do it a few times to get the 2 rows close enough not to waste media or get only one row. You just have to keep hitting the reorganize button to have it adjust everytime you change something. It will then take your job and reorg into pages. It will print and cut one page at a time and then move on until finish. Always leave at least one page plus what it is printing before trim to use or set aside to further dry. Two things, it will prevent from folding on self, and if something goes wrong, what is already printed is good and if an error you just have to reset your amount. You can check for my previous post on the topic or what I posted here before, get tired of list the procedures for this one, so I may have been longer in the explanation or it located in the download section above.

I found the video with a quick search, its working well now.

Do you still use registration marks when using this cut technique ?

Also how to you close the gap between pages to save on media ?

Iv a gap of about 3cms and the stickers im doing are pretty much that height and iv to do x1000 of them so im losing quite abit of space that could be used to print the stickers on.

Thanks for the guidance much appreciated.

So on the BN 20 you cannot close the gap

On the BN20 you cannot do p/c accuracy and registration marks - it will overlap

On the BN20 the page space is greyed out

You should only get the gap in the front, if you getting it in between each (do not remember) then increase your page about to allow more before cutting

On the larger machines you have more control of your output.

You cannot set the page gap on the BN20 - the feature on the Printer TAb is greyed out - The feature works on the machines larger siblings.

Well...there you go. Good reason to go bigger!


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