Hey guys

So i just finished printing x300 stickers and then BN-20 was just starting to cut them.

I lifted my laptop up to move a cable and on the side it has a stand by button which i hit and it stopped cutting.

Is there a way to restart the job so it can pick up where it left off ?

It cut like 14 stickers so iv another 280+ to cut.



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If it was printing then the machine would have timed out and offered a continue option. I do not believe it does it since it see the job as finished and you do not see the timeout error. I am of the believe that job is toast. 

This will not help you now but I can offer how I do mine:

1- print it with registration marks but still print and cut - if any issues I still have the option to reload and cut (most not used option)

2. I use the print and cut accuracy method - depending on size of decals - I set the paper height at the level of 2,3 or 4 rows - then what happens when it reaches the last row it then goes back and cut. After that cut, it continues back to printing the next set of rows, then cut. The process is continued until finished. If anything happens along that journey - I just have to determine how many more I need and then do that amount in the same fashion.

Of course not what you want to hear, but you do have a valuable lesson learned.

What I also have unsuccessfully tried - restarting the job from the start and do cut only - lining the media up where it was the first time is like trying to park a car in the exact spot with the wheels were the first time - just aint happening.

Thanks for the quick reply Irving

Yes i thought i have lost it.

Il try and do the cut but it would be a small miracle if i got the cut line.

Couple of other things - How do you put registration marks on them ? also are all Rolands so slow ? Will prob take 2 hours or so to do these stickers again at least.

Il have a go at cutting them now and look into these registration marks which sounds alot better as i could print through the night and then cut in the morning once i get alot of orders.



You are welcome - All my big jobs are done at night on the BNs - when I need faster I use the larger machines - the BN is the slowest. In VW to use reg marks just click the box (cropmarks) - Do not use print only still do Print and Cut - you just have back up if the job does not cut all. I still prefer to use the print a few rows cut those bad repeat until done. 


How do you print a few rows and cut them ?

Do you just load multiple times into VW like do x50 at a time then load the file x10 times for x500 stickers ? i see you can only load x250 each time into WV.

Any tips on saving media as im wasting alot with the machine starting at certain points and wasting inches alot of the time, it seems to happen when it goes on stand by and then i load a job onto it.

Any advice on cut contour ? do i need a special media for this ? im currently using Poli tap to print my stickers on would this be ok to try some cut contours so i can offer this aswell.



The manual should show you how. As long as your media has a carrier you can cut contour - when you go into the setup options you select get media width you will have to use the option where you can set the media height and width. So whatever the height of one decal plus tile spacing times number of rows will put a page break in so you are loading just one time. Search here or on roland for an article on Print Cut Accuracy.

My two cents.....learn how to divide your jobs into sections, Chris. No waste and saves tons of time.

i just cut 400+ decals yesterday, I manually set the media length and print/cut 30 at a time. After the first 30 are finished, the machine just automatically continues and does 30 more, etc. etc. until the whole 400 are finished.

One of the BEST features ever !!!

Lady Di

another tip is to set the page gap at either 0 or 10mm, otherwise you will waste a lot of material between the grouping. You can set this up as a default in the settings and it helps quite a bit.

Can you tell me how to do that ? Im going to go into VW now to see if i can locate it this page gap part.

If you want to call me I can lead you thru that. 20753215seven7

Im in the UK :)

Maybe you could write out a few steps and il follow it after i do some of these test prints to check quality etc.


Do you mind me asking how much your charged for those 400 decals and where was the traffic from ? social ? auctions or website ?

Im just asking as i was doing like 500 per day there for a few days to get some experience and see how the customers liked the stickers and yea the price was very low but they all loved the stickers which is great.

So you set the machine to do 400 via media length and get it to 30 at a time and then just hit go and it goes through the 400 ? Can you tell me how to set this up ? as il have to set my machine to run through the night as its the slowest machine ever and im wasting so much right now.

I set mine up and load in x100 stickers to do and it just sits there sometimes for 5-10 minutes doing nothing, sometimes i have to cancel it and load it again etc.

I think (?) Steven posted a video of the process. If I can’t find it, when I get a chance, I’ll write out step by step directions. 


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