Has anybody ever changed out grit rollers?

how difficult is it?

About how long did it take?

how much of the machine do you have to take apart?


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There are lots of parts on the CAMM that can be changed. However, the grit rollers cannot and for that reason doing magnets directly are deterred!  Let's see if anyone attempted the feat!

ok, thanks. I figured out the problem is not the grit rollers.

Its either the cutting strip or the blade holder.

although the very right grit roller closest to the print heads was pretty dirty with dried up ink........ So that is clean now. But thats not whats causing the problem.

I am getting perforated/skipping cut lines on thermflex and some vinyl........ any thoughts on what that could be?

Jacob answer is below my preable!

Preable: State what the problem is, not what your solution to the problem!

Solution: Yes one of two things for sure:

1. Cutting strip is exhausted have gouged marks (cover with scotch tape until new one comes)

2. Chipped blade that you will not detect unless you look under a magnify glass

thanks i will add the scotch tape and re place the blade with a brand new one.

lets see how it goes.

what do you think would cause the blade holder and pretty much that whole assembly to vibrate wile its cutting. 

It doesnt vibrate 100 % of the time while its cutting. Only when the material is being fed forward or backward. 

 And so when it vibrates that is where I am getting these dotted line cuts.

How much blade is out and is it a new blade.

You want us to image what you are seeing, I can keep guessing!


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