I've noticed when print cutting using black with full bleed that, laminated or not , even if I let the print sit for up to 3 days after cutting the edges of the decal will curl up slightly.

I understand why ( heavier pigmentation in the ink is my understanding ?? ) , my question is how do I prevent it from occurring ? How long do you all leave after printing heavier colors do you wait before cutting?

 thanks guys !! :-)

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Sean, what media are you using?


Seems to occur no matter what media, settings profiles, etc I use .

Just lately I've been using  General Formulations calendared vinyl and notice it on that quite a bit.

Are you sure your heaters are working properly?

Honestly, I've never had anything curl on me except for maybe Solutions Opaque if you use MaxImpact with black or red bleeds

Never with sign vinyl of any sort




I have used a lot of types of vinyl over the years and it happens with all of them but only when you cut into the printed area, if you leave a little white or non printed border around the graphic you won't get the curl

Wow, Chip, I have to respectively but certainly wholeheartedly  disagree


There should be absolutely no need  to leave a white border around your stuff if you don't want a white border

Heck, I print very few things with a white border and as I said above, except for Solutions Opaque, I've NEVER had a single issue of curling.

Something definitely doesn't sound right if you consistently encounter that type of issue.

I can't tell you what's wrong............except I do know something is definitely amiss


Lady Di



I dont know why the curling happens but on every vinyl type I use I get it even if the ink coverage isn't too heavy but they only curl if they are weeded within a few hours of printing but most of the time I cant leave them too long to dry as the customer usually wants them yesterday when ordering, people tend to leave things to the last minute where I'm from. Vinyl types I've used are avery, oracal, jac, graphitak and 3m

Yup heaters are working properly and it only happens with heavily pigmented colors.


This is a side bar.  We have never had any success using the Solutions Opaque profile when printing on Solutions Opaque; the Solutions Clear Profile works much better.  That being said, we have never had a problem with curling when printing black to the edge of vinyl and then cutting it.  We have a 2-year old Roland SP540i.

P.S.  Good morning Lady Di.

Good Morning back at you, my friend

and a warm hello to your 'better' half as well

Hope you and Vicki are doing well


As a side note to your side note, I agree about the Solutions.

It's a great product in many ways but it is a little pesky

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble always come to mind. LOL

Anyway, I have to say once again, with Solutions out of the equation, I've NEVER, EVER had curling issues.

Keeping with the Shakespeare theme I seemed to have started, I'd need to add that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, Chip.

Don't you want to get that figured out?

How can you work when stuff curls on you all the time?


Top of the morning to all,,, I've had a few issues with Color Print and I found that If I don't weed it just let it sit it won't curl up, then wait as long as possible then weed and mask or apply to whatever it's going on right away.

Yes  John , that's what I do. If I let black sit for 3 days it's fine but less than that and I get curling.

To the last poster who deleted their post:

"Don't you think something is wrong with that picture?"  YES !!!
"Don't you want to fix whatever the problem might be?" YES !!!
"Do you think what's happening with your curling issue is normal?" NO !!!
"Do you think all production shops have the time to print and wait 3 days?" NO !!!

I'm trying to figure out what's going on to cause this issue. It's totally unacceptable , heck I'd ideally print & cut straight away without waiting at all for " degassing etc, etc"

Any thoughts gratefully accepted - Cheers !!!


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