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I would like to add a white border around the perimeter of this design,  but I'm not sure exactly how to to this....I don't want the border cut to follow what I would get by adding a boundary to the design in Corel.  Does anyone have any tips on how to go about doing this?  TIA!

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Definitely do not understand. If you want it to follow the wording in corel do a contour. However, if you do not want it to follow the wording but to be a box, circle, oval,  etc - then use one of the art tools on the left, create your shape and then you can add the cutline to that to have it cut out.

I want the border to follow the outside shape of the words (so not an oval, square, etc.), but I want it to be one solid decal and I don't want the border to go too deep in the interior of the design.  Basically, like if you were to draw an outline AROUND the text.  So I'm not sure the contour feature would do that since the 'Mare' is not touching the rest of the design.  

Definitely the contour tool. If it is vector - If it is a jpg like you attached - then you have to hand draw. 

You can trace it in corel to get the shape, and if the trace is no good use the outline in the original.

Here you go, no time right now to explain - but trace and the contour tool, then manually removed the cavities.

Do not think it attached

Trying as a pdf, since it keeps rejecting my eps


Wow, thank you so very much for doing this - I really appreciate it!!!


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