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Some wild weather will be passing through my city over the next few days and I was wondering whether  there was anything I could do to prepare my BN-20 if there is no power for a couple of hours. I assume there is a risk of the head drying our. Also, I use metallic ink so is there a risk that this could dry out and clog the lines?

I look forward to some guidance and wisdom.


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Here you go!

Do you regularly use metallic - if not stop leaving that in and replace with a cleaning cartridge until you actually need it. A few PC will bring it back to the nozzle. I normally run metallic bands until I like it to prevent wasting other colors. This save ink money and captop clogging. 

Power outages - more sensitive on the BN for some reason - pouring cleaning solution in the top will ease your worries. that is it. Howerver if it is going to be for a while, then you need to clamp the line under the top and then fill and reseat the head. 

More importantly, protect the machine on a surge protector. I have seen several machines wiped out due to passing storms. Power surges seems to effect the VS/BN heads.

Thanks for the tips, Irving. I had read that some people replaced their metallic with a cleaning cartridge but I didn't really understand it. I have just done this now; although I print metallic about once a week.

I assume that I wouldn't have to shake the metallic cartridge as much either if I had it removed.

The metallic needs to be agitated but removing it and replacing it will be agitation in itself. You might be able to search prior posts where I explain the replacing of the metallic and or white with a cleaning cartridge. The BN is the most sensitive Roland printer I have found, so treat it gently.


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