What the heck is this thing?

What does it do?

And why was it housing the worst glob of gook you can imagine????????


While manually cleaning my machine the other day, I saw a fiber or hair or some sort of debris sticking out from under this silver box-like housing.

I tried to gently pull the hair/fiber/piece of debris off with my fingers.


I tried pulling it off with a pair of tweezers.



So I finally got aggressive and got a good hold of it with my fingers and just basically yanked.


Along with that single fiber came a rather large blob of soft, gushy matted ink and "stuff'!#%*

It took a fair amount of swabs dipped in cleaning solution to get all the gook and ink cleaned.....especially since I couldn't see what the heck was really there because it was under this metal housing thing.


So I'm guessing this is an area where ink may get splattered and while it's still wettish, it will attract any small dust & debris that happens to fly by.



Or is there something else going on that I'm not aware of?

I never knew the underside of this box should be cleaned.


Lady D


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Giddy-up, Giddy-up, whoa trigger! I am here. Lady Di, the area your red arrows point to is not the real issue, but over the past few years you have an ink build up. No rubber parts there so you can use alcohol there to clean that area. However, more importantly - the area forward of your wipers there is a scraper - pass the triangle part of the picture. That area collects just as much ink and its job is to remove ink from the wipers. The job gets harder when the ink is caked there. The scraper is either clear or smoke color. There is one screw to remove and you have full access to slightly bend and remove. They are cheap enough to replace but I usually soak it in cleaning fluid and remove the ink. Reverse your removal steps and you are all set. Remember to keep those wipers clean to have them last forever. Use Roland cleaning fluid that also lubes them. Alcohol will dry out the wipers and other rubber parts. Wipers that are cracked or bending/curving should be replaced.

Irv hit it on the head. Sounds like another video idea for my growing list. Need to get some time in front of the camera!


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