Has any seen the hotronix fusion in person? What do you think of the touch screen. I'm thinking scrolling from 305 to 330 or 350... is going to be slow, no? Any comments on this unit?

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I have the Fusion. It doesn't take very long to make adjustments using the touch screen. It works sort of like adjusting the time on your digital clock radio. To go from 305 to 330 shouldn't take more than 5-10 seconds.
You can scroll in as little as a second since you can program in your material's application instructions.. The Fusion comes pre-set with about 10 or so of the most popular sellers from Stahls ID Direct, Transfer Express and Imprintables Warehouse. If you don't use the materials, you can easily remove them.
The only thing we didnt like with the fusion is it is not auto opening, so we bought the air swinger, it also has presets

We bought ours a couple of weeks ago waiting on the final touches to be done on our shop before we open it, I can;t wait to get to use this


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