Hello fellow Roland VersaCamm users. As you can see from the attached photos, I am having print color issues printing a solid yellow and solid light magenta. This was printed from the Service Mode; Test Pattern "Fill". I have manually cleaned my print head and have even preformed a 1 hour head soak but still no change. Any suggestions to resolve this issue would be very much appreciated.


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The encoder strip you cleaned is located where?

The fill pattern will not clear up until you clear up the nozzle test

so not happy with the test

checking to see what else, but you did the normal culprits.

The encoder strip I clean is located directly in front of the carriage belt.
Attached is the most current results of a test pattern. As always any suggestions you have is very much appreciated.

OK great we are talking the same, just needed to make sure.  Cleanings are not helping. You replaced the parts that would affect it. If you are sure the lines from the waste bottle to the cap, to include the connectors are clear, then I am still suspecting the encoder. The one last thing is the sensor that reads the encoder which is up top - ensure that is clear. When nozzles shift if it is not from poor suction, then it is where the head is firing out of sequence.

So I think I found the problem according to the attached photo of the Print Head. Shouldn't the Print Head be flat? Notice the "dimples"? What are your thoughts?

The screen covering the nozzles should be flat. However you do get some creases from brushing media or clamps. They will deflect the nozzles if it goes far enough up and those are not recoverable. You have something going on further back that I cannot make out.With all above said, that may account for the missing nozzles, but not the cross over - that is a suction or electrical issue not physical.

Thank you very much for that info. Do you have any suggestions regarding the possibility of a suction or electrical issue? Would the "CHOKE VALVE" function help?


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