I am having trouble when printing and i can figure it out.. 

I am getting white horizontal lines in the prints.. 
I get png/raster images from my customers that i put through illustrator to make cutlines and then into versaworks.  The sticker is 5cm x 5cm.

Here is an image of a print with the horizontal white lines:

Any ideas?

If you need any more information, just ask :)


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Need to see a test print

need to know your ink cartridge color setup 1-8

How old is your captop

Test print(all photos of same test print):


Captop is two weeks old.

Is it 3rd party captop or OEM

Need to clean encoder strip with alcohol

Need to check your calibration

You need a 48hr head soak to help recover those struggling nozzles

It is OEM bought from our Roland supplier here in Norway.

What kind of alcohol, anything i need to be careful of?

I have done all the calibrations a couple of times, even with a magnifying glass, looks good to me. 

Never done a headsoak before, could you please give me some information about this and how i would go by doing this?


Also one of the other things that affect banding is profile

What type of media and which profile are you using and what is your color management setting

At the moment i am running the Generic Vinyl 3 profile. 

I have tried to find the right profile for the vinyl i am using, but as the machine is quite old, i can´t seem to find the profile anywhere.. 

Roland Versacamm vs-300 Print&Cut

The vinyls i am currently using:

ORAJET 3551G WHITE GLOSS (This is the one i have in the machine at the moment)



The color management setting is: Pre Press U.S

Just found the Roland GCVP profile and tried this, help some, but not enough..

I will add that is i have a problem with cyan mixing into the yellow, but when i run a normal clean, this clears up. Any idea what this is and is this effecting it? And what can i do about it?

The printer is losing it place on where to lay down ink - encoder strip - again clean with alcohol

GCVP would have been my recommendation for Glossy why and CCVP for the clear

Prepress US would be what I recommend

Did you try the Oracal or Rolanddga site for profiles 

You can post your calibration test - I would expect the arrow is under a block with a space

Ok, i will try to clean with alcohol, but im abit unsure what to buy as i live in Norway. What is important about the alcohol swab? What to use and not to use?

Yes, it was actually you that recommended it to me in another thread, just my lack of experience not finding it before now, thanks

Oracal does not have the vs-300 printer on their site.. 

Here is the calibration test:

Even if you do not use alcohol, use a lint free cloth to clean - just run it along the strip to remove the dust

Your calibration has some noise so it is hard to see the space from the overlap and not enough choices to the right or left. Your nozzle test shows it is off - actually overlapping but the print shows it should be a space. It may clear up after the 48 hour head soak. However, I would mark where you are starting and change in both directions and then do the nozzle test to see if the nozzles are consistent from top to bottom, oppose to the closing in the center.

Here is a new test i took now, after cleaning the encoder strip and changing the calibrations again, it is now at -0,5.


Calibration(Had to take two photos):

Didn´t quite understand what you ment about the marking and changing both directions..


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