Hello everyone,

I bought a Roland BN-20 about 3 months ago. I was very happpy with the results in the beginning, but now I have black lines throughout my prints. I do the daily cleanings and the weekly manuals.

There is ink on the metal clips aswell, which hold down the media.

I don't know what's exactly causing the lines, so I would be happy with suggestions or solutions for my problem.

I tried to ask my dealer, where I bought the machine, for help, but he doesn't seem to care that much to help me out... I'm waisting pretty much ink and medie due bad prints...

I added 2 photos of the lines and 1 of the nozzle test I ran today. Let me know if I can post more things to describe the problem

Thanks in advance,


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The marks are head brushes - likely media not laying flat

The nozzle test was the worst picture and the most important

The nozzle test shows you need a head

Those deflecting nozzles might be from the head brushing the media clamps and thus offsetting them

You will not always get overspray

Print the Versaworks test print

Hi Irving and Nicholas, thanks for your reply!

In attachment I've put new pictures of some tests I ran. Today and yesterday.

I did a testprint aswell in VersaWorks, and there was a hair on the media after printing, which caused the ink marks on the letter 'C' in cyan on the testprint.

I'm trying to explain as good as possible since I'm not a native English speaker.




Hi Simon,

As mentioned by irving - please upload a better photo of the test print.

Also something to check - there might be a buildup of ink due to fibres or a single hair under the head that the ink is catching and scrapping it across the media. Just double check the print head and cap are free of any build up or hairs etc.

You will need to ensure your media is laying flat. So old media or one affected my moisture and warping will cause the head brushes. Media not clean will cause fisheye and debris on prints. Debris attached to the print head will collect ink and cause drag marks on the media. Drag marks and head brush marks are distinguishable.

Hi Irving,

I'm using media I just bought, so I don't think that's the problem. Is it an idea to wipe off my media every time before I load it into the machine with something?  I will do another manual cleaning tonight and check for hairs or debris.

So the problem I have is caused by something on my print head? Is there anything specific that I can do?
I was thinking myself that I might be one of the wipers aswell. But I'm not sure.

Usually you only need to wipe off the front 10 inches that are not on wound or on the outside with lint free cloth. No way to answer without seeing your environment or knowing if you have pets.

You do not know how long your media was at the supplier. So is it only on that media, do you only have that media?

A BN 20 is not using a vacuum to hold down media, so you have to look and make sure it is not bunching.

Your lines are consistent with it humping and the head brushing the media, you should be able to look and see that happening while printing

So suggesting if all you have cut off a piece that is the width of the machine and feed it in 90 degrees and see if the media lays flatter. If it prints different then check your media, if you get the same then let me know and I will look further. Also ensure your machine is leveled.


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