What is the best product to make signs for hockey dasher boards. The sign will take major abuse from pucks and player and be installed in a cold environment. Is there a printable vinyl and  laminate that will hold up. I see many signs at rinks but am not sure what they use.

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We use Arlon 4570 GTX and a embossed laminate. Works great!

Is there a particular laminate you would suggest?


I use the anti slip laminate from IW. You can also use a matching calandared laminate.


Is there a noticeable difference between the 4570 GTX and the 4560 GTX?

one mil of thickness to be exact. The 4560 GTX is 3 mil and the 4570 GTX is 4 mil.

What I should have asked is whether there is a noticeable difference in the feel or wear between the two?

the thickness will lend to it feeler sturdier but he wear and durability of them are identical.

Thanks.  This morning I am printing jar labels on Arlon DPF 8000 using the profile you suggested in a different post.

they turning out good?

Yes, the printing and cutting have gone quite well; circular labels for Ball jar tops and round rectangle labels to go on the glass jars.  Our client wanted something that would be difficult to remove.  We tried Arlon DPF 4560 GTX and Durasol premium white vinyl.  The client wanted something more adhesive.  We used the Roland VersaWorks tech bulletin for maximizing print/cut accuracy because we were doing hundreds of labels and wanted maximum cutting accuracy.  The client prepares and jars gourmet peppers and barbeque sauce.  He is assembling gift baskets for the holiday season with small jars of peppers and barbeque sauce and needed labels for the jars, in a hurry.


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