I have a design, changed it into a vector. Put a boundary around it, sent it to the back, increased it's size, then put the cut contour around it. My design when printed out does not do a cut contour. If I put the cut in the front of the design, it is leaving white on the bottom and left side. I did the cut and print adjustments in the utility, but nothing seems to work.  I've been having this problem for awhile. Hope someone can help.  Diane if your around it would be wonderful

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It looks like it put spaces between some of the letters.  Try to enter it without spaces

Rob, thanks for jumping in to help.
We've been totally, over our heads swamped the last few days and I haven't had the opportunity to look at Ginger's file again.
You're the best!



Rob I failed to mention that on the castle some of the words are encased and I have to put pantone color 278C in there to match the shirt. Also I need the cutline inside of the pics. My machine is cutting it but leaving some white around the castle on the sides and bottom.  

Hope I'm making sense.  Ginger

Try this file


Hey Rob, I haven't been on this site for while now. Still having issues with the cutlines and have a few designs I have to do this week for a show on Saturday.  Can you send me the info step by step to put the cutline inside the contour. I've been trying it and when I'm done after putting the boundry, making it a bit wider, and then going to put the cut contour on it, at the bottom of the corel it doesn't say I have a cut line, but if I put the mouse over the magenta cut line it then shows. I don't know if I have a cut line or not and don't want to waste material to see.  I can send you the file for you to look at if you have the time.  I've attached 3 , let me know if I did it right or what I have to do.  Thank you

Ginger,  Stitchedinfaith@comcast.net


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