I have a design, changed it into a vector. Put a boundary around it, sent it to the back, increased it's size, then put the cut contour around it. My design when printed out does not do a cut contour. If I put the cut in the front of the design, it is leaving white on the bottom and left side. I did the cut and print adjustments in the utility, but nothing seems to work.  I've been having this problem for awhile. Hope someone can help.  Diane if your around it would be wonderful

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Ginger, all my computers are shut down for the night so I can't send you any help this evening.

If you want to use that png, you'll need to create a vector container to hold it.
You can either draw it manually with one of Corels drawing tools or convert a copy of the png to a black/white mono bitmap use that bitmap to auto-trace the solid one color object for your powerclip container.

When I powerclip an object that doesn't have a natural one color outline.....I usually make my cut line to the inside.
In this case, I don't think it would destroy the integrity of the design if the whole thing had a small black contour around the outside...... so you could proceed in the way you're already familiar with and be fine with the result.


In case everything sounds like gibberish to you, I'll send you a visual in the morning to help clarify.

Di, I took that png, and clicked convert bitmap. It gave me a vector. Then I put a boundary around it. Then if I click cut coutour, it cuts the design with white showing toward the bottom and right side. I did adjustments on my versacamm, but it still does the same. Then I went back, removed the cut line, increased the boundary to the inside, and put the cut line in. Then it didn't do a cut line at all.  I did so many different ways it isn't funny. I even tried Steve's tutorial, and followed it step by step freezing his video and going to my corel.  One of the thing he did didn't do the same as mine, when he copied and pasted the boundary...his screen showed black, and mine didn't. Over and over again I did this with no results.   I even tried making 2 pages, and getting the cut line inside and deleting the design and copying and pasting the cut contour line back onto page 1. That didn't work either.

This design I attached before was way to large too. I sent you the design without reducing it to a 4x4 that I need. I realize that now.  I also need to put pantone color 291C in between the letters on the bottom that are closed.

Thank you for helping me again. I can't figure out why all of a sudden my cutter is leaving white outlines. It got a lot better than it was, but this only happened within the last 6 months. I never had this problem before with it not cutting it right.  We did over 15 print and cut adjustments until we finally got it close, but can't get exact. You should see my vinyl,lol.  At least if I get this fixed I can put 3 across the page without wasting all of the vinyl.


Ginger, remember last time when I said all images are different and there's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' set of instructions.
This new file you have is a great example.
You'll NEVER, ever get a vector trace to look even half as good as the original raster graphic.....and because its a relatively simple shape, if it were me, I'd never use a vector.
You've got a more than adequate raster image in front of you. I'd choose to stick with it.
Look at the 2 images you uploaded?
Which do you want to give your customer?

I'll send you a new file tomorrow and try to include step by step directions
I don't have time to set up my video recorder or I'd gladly make a video of my screen as I work for you.

I used to teach Corel classes at the local computer store and adult community college......many, many years ago.
Unfortunately, it takes way more time than I have available right now.
Instead, I tend to my own customers and continue to create the artwork and seps for a bunch of screeners. I also have a few people with Versacamms that I set up files and cut lines for....sort of like I did for you yesterday.

I do have a question for you, though?
In that second file you uploaded, don't I see a cutcontour line?
Hard to tell without seeing the file.
You should be attaching your Corel file to your post, not uploading a jpg or png file.

Talk to you tomorrow.
I have literally hundreds of transfers to mask and get ready to ship so I'll look at your file when I take a break.


Di, the second file I sent to you was the original file that was sent to me and nothing was done on it. I just wanted you to see what it looked like.  If I can get his file cut right it would be wonderful.  I do this for him every year and I always have some kind of white line around it somewhere.  This time I learned to get the pantone color inside of the letters to match the shirts.  I didn't know you could call companies and get the number before, a slight improvement on my part. 

I'm beginning to see what you mean about each one being different.  There is no one around here that offers a course on Corel, I've been checking now for a few years. Your really the only one I ever knew who knew what you were doing except Steve who teaches, but his classes cover so many things, like car wraps etc, that I get lost..well not totally but lost. What I learned doesn't work for everything like you said.

I was worried that you would think I was a pain in the neck with another problem.  Thank you for being so nice. If you can use the first file I sent to you that would be great.


Diane, would you ever have time to teach me if I came up there?  I'm about 1 1/2 away from you. I would pay you, I already feel I owe you big time.  Ginger

Diane, can't seem to get this design right. I'm freaking out now bc they have to get done. Can you help. i've been being helped but the designs aren't coming out right. Either the color of the words disappear or they are changed into the color of the shirt and perhaps I'm not explaining myself correctly.  All I needed was the cut line put inside of the castle and inside of the words at the bottom put into pantone 278c (the inside of the lettering that isn't cut out) I need to keep the integrity of the designs in the letters.

Hope you got all your work done today, I've been interrupted more times than I can count.  If you can use the first design I sent to you and put the pantone 278C behind the letters that do not cut out it would be amazing.  I have about 50 shirts to do front and backs. The back I should be able to do myself as most of it is letters. I'll attach a pic anyhow.



Why do you vectorize

 the picture? Just keep it and put a Cut contour around it in Corel or Illustrator? Save as PDF

I didn't know that I didn't need to vectorize it.  Do I put a border around it first? Or can I just put a cutline?


Ginger can you send me your email address and I will send you an eps with a cutline.

Rob thank you, I need the castle for a left chest logo about 4x4 or a little less, and the dice for the back of the shirt about 8x8 I guess.  Thank you. Ginger


Rob the email address you gave me came back saying no such address Can you send it again to me. 



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