Hi can anyone help me here, I have a problem with my VS640i, I noticed a bad print for black and when I did a test print I noticed one line of black was completely not printing, what could be the issue? thank is advance

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Post the nozzle test! What is your ink setup, how old is the captop, is the machine regularly used or was it idle, what were the results after cleanings - you did not provide enough information to make an informative calculation

Hi Irving, Thanks for your response, after quite a good inspection on the machine I discovered I had a failed Valve on the black line which I believe was the reason the black ink couldn't flow through to the head. I tried by - passing the valve as I am waiting for the new one and black seems to be fine for now. I was wondering the risk of by passing the valve.

I cannot answer your question, for without seeing a nozzle test or the area by-passed - I do not know the risk or how it was by-passed

Hi Irving, I managed to sort out the problem, after thorough inspection I discovered  a failed valve on the black ink line which I replaced and all is printing well. however I have a new problem with the heater on the machine, it keeps getting hot on half of the machine and the other half (L) isn't getting hot would you know what the problem would be?

A fuse

A thermistor

any error codes

HI Irving no Error Code and fuse seem okay, the heater seems to only heat from mid point to the right only and no heat to the left side.


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