Hi I have been trying to print Image perfect IP2528 on my Roland SP5401

I am using the standard Profile they finally sent me from Spandex i do not have a high quality one to try can any body help tks 

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For what it's worth, I rarely, if ever,  use the profiles from the various manufacturers..
Using the generic Roland profiles works fine 99.9% of the time for me.

What exactly are you printing on? High gloss vinyl? I'm not familar with Spandex products.

Lady Di

ImagePerfectTM 2528 is a monomeric, white gloss, permanent vinyl that has been specifically designed for printing with all solvent and UV inks and is also suitable for use with latex inks. 

Exactly what Lady Di stated - try GCVP

Thanks any help is much appreciated this is all i have

OK great - You can go into VW media Tab at the top - Media Explorer and uncheck the eye for the ones you do not use and check them for whenever you need them again. You can go to www.Rolanddga.com under the support tab look for ICC profiles and in there follow the prompts to download more - GCVP is one of the original ones and works great with most glossy calendar vinyl. 

You can also try Generic Vinyl 2 to see if that one works better.

You have banding - which is caused by wrong profile or a not properly set calibration. 

So check your calibration under the menu key first - if in the squares the arrow points to one that has a space inbetween both - that is your main issue. 

Thanks ive checked the Roland site and still cant find it, also that only gives profiles using Max 3 ink and i use just Max. I know i need at least one new head but nothing prints as bad as on this media. I only bought this media because the rep assured me he would sort the profile out. First they sent one that didn't load then told me to use an Avery profile that was worse and now they have sent a standard profile only and not a high quality one as well and the tec guy is telling me to try changing the line feeds all my other profiles work within reason to the quality of the head.



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