forgive me if this has been asked before.  When I attended Steves class, he mentioned something about printing a row, cutting a row and then printing another row and cutting.  I looked on the classroom CD, but cant find it.  Any help?  Thanks

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Rich after you load the design - in the job setting menu set the page height slightly longer than your design.  This cause it to start a new page.  It will cut after each page.  If you want to do a sheet cut after each page you have to turn that procedure on also and that is located under the printer controls tab.  Checking this option uses more media.  The better option is to let it keep printing and to limit the amount between set the page space to custom and zero - also located on the printer control tab.

Thanks, Irv... Good to see you again, at least your smiling face in the photo.  Thanks for the help.


Here you go!

Thanks, Steve.  Appreciate it bunches, as always!!


I did a search at the Rolanddga site for "Maximizing Print/Cut Accuracy with Multiple Copies" and got the message "No results matching your search were found."  Where did you find this information?  I suspect that there is wealth of othedr information that I have missed and would like to read.



Dennis - there are other areas of Rolanddga that requires a password.  You have two members that are happy to share any files that are not marked confidential.  If you need something and or looking for something specific - just mention it and if it is available it might just happen for our community. Now you are not checking sources are you?
what Irv said.
Can owners of a Roland machine get a password or are the restricted areas only available to a more select group than owners?  I have no specific topic at the moment but in my former life perusing the literature often turned up things that I found interesting and relevant to my work but that I was totally unaware of. 
Dennis the things that will not have you ruin your machine is in the public area no password.  The other stuff concerns technical details that can cause you to damage your machine.  You are not missing anything - when you search on the site - use keywords opposed to long phrases and everything will pop up and then you can open - download - print - save etc.  All I had to put in was custom cut and all the documents came up.

Dennis there is a public copy of the document you are looking for: dated 4/16/11

I entered the title in the search window and got a message that said no results matching your search were found.  Where on the site can I find the public copy?



I put the link and it did not come thru - it is 4 pages and about custom cut - so search that with the date I gave


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