I am having such a difficult time trying to cut out some decals with the perf cut.

i just opened a new blade this is what i have my settings at

Perforated length- 2.200 (i have also tried "1")

perforation force- 180 (i have tried from "140-240)

Half-cut length- 0.030

Half-cut force- 1

I am either getting a super messy cut or NO CUT AT ALL.

I have read many of your post and tried them and still have no luck :(

Any advise?

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Always use a CutContour with your Perf. 

Whatever your Cut is add 100 as a start for the perf settings and change the 2nd area to 1

Let me know if that works for you

Okay i am going to try that out.

What second area do i change to "1"?

OK now you making me open up my VW - give me a second to open and load the perf so I can see the name.

This is how I would do it front to back.

Get my Cut force from the test cut function on the machine

So let's say new blade the force for a good clean cut is 60gf

With the file loaded, open the Cut Controls in the VW

You can do the cutting conditions if the force need to change after the test there by checking the box

Go to the Perforated Cut Controls

Perf Lngth - change this to 1 from 1.968

Perf Force - make that 100 more than the cut force 160gf

Do not touch the others

Run that file and make your adjustments from there

The reason for the Contour Cut with the Perf is to give you clean cuts.

BTW Which media are you trying to perf?

Thank you so much!

on a simple cut it is now cutting perfect like a square and circle but for the more curvy designs it is not cutting very clean and i slowed down the speed to 20 & have cut contour and perf cut. I have attached pictures just to get more of an idea of how the more detailed cuts are cutting out. I am using Roland adhesive for the media.


Well I would also need to see your print/cut test to see if that is tune in.

Your contour cut is good, you need to increase your perfcut force - go up another 10

Also how much blade do you have out - need to be about a double credit card - too little or too much is no good

I may be around for one more test, if not post and I will catch it in the AM

When you have it right you should beable to flick it and it pop out, you are pulling on yours

I moved up the perfcut force another 10.  I am still having such a hard time getting a good cut?

I am unsure what to do now.

Hi Andrea. I would replace the cutting strip, and then retest your settings. Likely your cutting strip has some areas that are worn further than others causing your force to be inconsistent.

As a way to determine your cutting strip if it is the issue, or while you wait for one to arrive; place packing tape over the strip to see if it helps. Which degree of blade are you using 45 or 60? remove the blade holder take a picture and post that. You really need to look at the tip under a magnify glass.


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