So I just started getting the hang of my brand new bn-20 and purchased a black vinyl roll to avoid the large black prints I've been doing taking up my black. While my prints are black there are still other colors as well. I cant figure out how to get the printer to not print the black and just the other colors; like how it does not print white on white vinyl but just uses the vinly to fill the white color in versa works. How is this achieved with black vinyl would appreciate if anyone could help.

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Tyler, maybe I’m mis-reading your question.

But you do know that our inks are semi transparent, right?

plus, any old kind of vinyl is no good……you need vinyl specifically manufactured to be ink receptive 

Now, that said, if you don’t plan on printing, you can cut the black vinyl and remove the negative space by setting up your file with cut lines just as you would when you print/cut.

Hope some of this information helps.

If not, ask your question again because I’m thinking I may not have understood correctly.

Lady Di

I have oracle 651 black vinyl. My question is; I need to print a design that is black with other colors. Just like when printing on white vinyl the printer does not actually print white but instead leaves the white vinyl in place of white. Im asking how I can print on the black vinyl and do the same without the printer using black ink. 

Tyler, let me try again.

You know you can’t print on the black……but it sounds like you’re hoping to print directly onto the carrier sheet.

That can’t happen.

Is your design something you can break up into two parts?

(1) the black part…..which you can cut into as many pieces and shapes as you want (2) and the colored part. 

If your design is amicable, you could press the colored part then press the cut out black part over it.

Does this make sense to you?

Why don’t you upload your design?

It may be easier for me to understand or maybe give you some alternative suggestions.

Lady Di

Lady Di, Tyler is trying to use eco solvent ink on cad-cut sign vinyl. You may try to explain that you need printable vinyl, or that the white is activated only when you select that you are using clear vinyl - even when you are not - but some lessons are only understood when you fail often. I am explaining it to you for others will get it. You understood correctly, your explanation was not understood. 

It might be better to dissect your design into printable portions and cad-cut portions, but that only works when you determine the cost value of putting things back together versus the cost of the ink. 

The correct way to do the design is to use a white printable vinyl - use as many colors as you want and leave the white out which will be the printable vinyl. 

If you need parts to be clear then you will need to use clear vinyl - print all the colors - but then have white printed as the last coat to have the design not be a stain glass window effect since the inks are translucent as you stated. Hopes this helps someone. thanks for offering help, it gets so lonely on here.


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