Help with best print settings for IJ180Cv3 (Versacamm VS-300i)

Good Morning!

I have used Oracal 3951RA for quite a while now (love the vinyl just tired of throwing out so much of the roll due to contaminants, just finished up a 50 yard roll which had issues on the right side the entire roll - recent price jump sealed the deal).

Decided to try 3m Ij180cv3, but I am having trouble dialing in the best color profile settings - the 3m profile is great, but it's uni direction and super slow! Any suggestions on a happy medium print setting? I've tried quite a few, they are pretty good, just not perfect...

I've tried: PCV4, GCVP, 3m, generic vinyl 1 and 2


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My go to is the gcvp. Posting the surface type and the adhesive type may open it up to more suggestions.

Thanks, I tried the GCVP (saw your previous recommendation) was still just ok... It's a glossy (ish) vinyl, with an air release channels but not super large so you can barely detect them - I may try another brand after this roll, Oracal really does the best prints I've seen so I have stuck with them over the last 4 years, but the contaminants are a continuing problem. I think it's the backing paper leaving stuff on the front - it usually resolves after 10-15' but that is a lot to throw out....and the last roll I had never resolved it 100%

 may try Arlon next, Just looking for a good long term vinyl with air release properties.

Look at the Roland profiles with air release carriers as a start to a possible solution. I do not know them by code, but they are listed that way on the roland site.

Thanks I will try that, I did go there but I was assuming the profile they have for this vinyl would be the one that 3m is offering so I didn't bother to download it again. Perhaps it is slightly different! I'll update if I have success so that I can hopefully save the next person, I don't like to be beat by these problems! :)

Edit: Just noticed that the profiles have options like bi directional, maybe I need to look deeper into the choices!

Best to work with them because they are avail to tweak based on your situation. You can make a copy and then change parameters and save with your name if you want. You can try other brands or the roland brand profile as long as the adhesive is similar. The label may say one thing but the profile cannot read the labels and if it works, then copy and rename to a name that works for you.

For what it is worth I had an Ah Ha (Duh - Slaps forehead) moment yesterday... Normally when selecting from the generic profiles there is an option for metallic versus non metallic. (my printer has the silver option) in the 3m profile, it is a drop down within the quality settings - once I changed it to just the regular ink setup, it now prints like a dream (with some minor tweaks here and there the usual color stuff) basically when silver gets added in it has to go much slower (I actually just have a cleaning cartridge in mine no silver currently anyways) So problem solved! I figured I would post it so that if someone else runs into this situation with this particular vinyl they can shortcut the learning curve!

More importantly if you were using the MT setting and not having any in your file, you actually was having the machine prep and use the metallic even though you had a cleaning cart in there. That is why it takes so long. So all who read, only select the MT option when you actually are printing with MT.

That's what initially threw me, because there was not a separate option once I put in my ink configuration, hence it is within the options! Thanks for all the help :)


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