HELP!!! Windows 10 - Versaworks 5.5.1 CutLines no showing up - SP300i

We have a customer needing 1000 labels tomorrow.  

1.  System:  HP Laptop, SP300i, Windows 10 with VersaWorks 5.5.1 Friday worked fine! 

     Today when I pull in an image with a cut file it does not have our "Dancing Ants".  I have tried several different profiles and none of them work now. 

     Checked EPS file and it shows up with the CutContour line.  Checked several old files and none of them show up in VersaWorks with "dancing ants".

     Uninstalled VersaWorks, rebooted, reinstalled VersaWorks 4.8.0.  Tried to see if it works, no luck.

     Installed VersaWorks upgrade 5.5.1.  Still does not work, no "dancing ants".  Prints good but no cutting.

2.  System: SP300i, Dell Laptop, Windows 10 with VersaWorks 5.5.1 worked well one day last week.

     Today I pulled up the same files as on computer 1, "dancing ants" showed up on each one.

     Thought ok, take it to work and see if my laptop works.  I plugged it into the network and verified connectivity to SP 300i, I pulled up the files, "dancing ants" showed up.

     Hit Print and VersaWorks shuts down.

     Cold booted computer, shut down the SP300i and router.  Rebooted everything.  Same results, when I hit print VersaWorks shuts down.

HELP!!!!!  I need to get these printed tomorrow!

Mark Reynolds

Embroidery Sew Into It


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Still think you do not have a full version of the software.

I had to go back to the original software 4.1.0 to get it to work on my laptop.  Still doesn't work on Linda's machine.

Once you get the original to work and installed as an administrator, then you can upgrade version. Anytime VW did not work (many jobs done as you know) it was because of a bad install. So uninstall, restart, and go again.


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