My wife's VS-540i ceased printing magenta mid job.  

We have done the following.

1. Through manual cleaning 
2. Replaced the Captop
3. Replaced the suction motor because I broke the tube connection when replacing the cap top.
4. Did a head soak.
5. Shook the ink cartridge

I'm hopeful it is the damper but don't know.

It appears that 2 colors share a damper, wouldn't they both die if it was a damper failure?

Need some help and guidance as we are dead in the water till we get this fixed.

I can post pics of the job that quit printing magenta midway and the print test if needed but the print test is what you would expect there is literally nothing in the magenta column.

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After all that, turns out the choke valve on the magenta line went bad. Waiting on a new part, but it's been bypassed for now. Prints are perfect again.


Glad to hear that you return to printing , it can be so frustrating when problems occur.  Trying to understand how the choke valve went bad and how you were able to bypass it ? Thanks

Keep Printing !


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