My wife's VS-540i ceased printing magenta mid job.  

We have done the following.

1. Through manual cleaning 
2. Replaced the Captop
3. Replaced the suction motor because I broke the tube connection when replacing the cap top.
4. Did a head soak.
5. Shook the ink cartridge

I'm hopeful it is the damper but don't know.

It appears that 2 colors share a damper, wouldn't they both die if it was a damper failure?

Need some help and guidance as we are dead in the water till we get this fixed.

I can post pics of the job that quit printing magenta midway and the print test if needed but the print test is what you would expect there is literally nothing in the magenta column.

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bottom of captop - 2 lines one stopper correct

Some nozzles - air in the lines or bad top

No nozzles - first step damper - one side can go bad - can be installed wrong in not primed - ink line tip needs trimming

Lets see that nozzle test, though - the print quit will not help yet

Manually check the cartridge for ink

OEM inks?

Nozzle test and the job where it stopped printing is attached.

2 lines coming from laptop to pump connected, one line going to drain cup connected other side of the drain line T connection is capped like original.

Shook the cartridge plenty of ink

under captop was the third opening capped

Is the ink 3rd party or oem

Guessing your 8th channel is a cleaning cartridge and you have is set up for 7 colors

Do you have the little spring on front

Yes, third cap is there (more on that in a minute)

Ink is 3rd Party from US Cutter, Machine is well out of warranty. Been running it for over a year no issues.
8th channel is cleaning fluid.
Yes on the little spring. I'm terrified it's going to launch itself into the never never when I change the cap top.

So newest development I pulled the cap top again to check for the stopper and reinstalled the cap top. Now it the print test is a mess for all ink colors. That I'm sure is the cap top but need to figure out what occurred. Working on it now.  

I have a kit arriving today with dampers and a cap top in it (in case I need to replace it again)

Question on the dampers.  When I replace the hopefully defective one, do I need to pull ink through with a syringe? I have the service manual and it does not mention this as a step.

Thanks for the assist.

One last question, the lines from the cap top to the pump and then off to the drain cup. Should they stay full of ink after a clean or does air come back in.  I'm getting air after the clean cycle is done.

Traveling so did not get back sooner. Use tweezers and a piece of tape to hold the spring. Number the cables - not in the manual either - you put the second cable in wrong slot - you will blow the head. You would problably want to change it without pulling the head, so when you remove the lines have a system to put them back the same and make sure they are snug or snip the ends. Have paper towels handy and a cup to put the ink lines in. If you spill ink on the printboard front and back or the cables - lots of trouble. Take a little cleaning fluid and wet the O rings top and bottom - you welcome! 3rd party ink, huh - you save money on one end and maybe not on this end. Try a different cartridge, especially if it is the same cartridge from the other head. You pull the lines and the Top you will get air in the lines. Choke clean (I no you will not want to do it) so you may need a minimum of 2 powerful cleans to move the air. The system is a closed system to the head, so when you remove a line - the ink goes back into the line. On some systems I close the value or the side if it is not a control panel item. That will stop the ink from flowing all over the place. When time is of an issue, I do a fill from the print menu options - that uses a lot of ink, but will bring the ink to the lines. Any missing after that, other issues. I hear - I have been for X amount of time - all can be fine until like X amount of time after. 

No problem. I appreciate the help. This is where we are now. Magenta is printing, but now there are drops in the test print. When I try an actual print you can see the lines (is this banding?) in the magenta and blue pieces clearly. 

Just a recap, it's been cleaned, damper, cap top and pump have all been changed. 

Thoughts on the next step here?

Thanks again for the help.


Banding caused by missing nozzles, wrong calibration, improper profile. Your picture shows dark banding. So run the calibration test, your arrow should be under a pattern that is overlapping - the arrow needs to be moved to one that is just sitting on the top of the bottom - no overlap, no space. You still have air in the lines, do few more normal cleanings - if the nozzles are still missing but changing, then still air. Ensure you have the little spring on the front of the top and the top has the cap on the third opening.

I'll take a look at the calibration test today, we did run that this weekend and do some correction already. Did an overnight head soak, got up this morning and had a reasonable test print, compared to the last one. Tried a print, and the magenta dropped out entirely again. Latest test print shows no drop outs on any color, but once again the magenta is completely gone.


The previous one was this morning test print. This was what followed. The latest test print is missing the magenta bars entirely, again.


So thinking several things but actually some things you need to see. 

So who put in the damper? Check that it was placed in the same direction as the others. Dampers can go in either was - but as long as they are all the same way. As one ink fills if in the wrong direction it can empty its neighbor. It seems as if the suction cannot keep up, and the dampers catches up over time - captop/pump issue - whether leak or defective - OEM/3rd party - lots of variables

Try performing a flushing position adjustment just in case since you did replace the captop.

We had a tech out and have determined it's a clog in the magenta line. The ink cartridges have been replaced with OEM inks. We have flushed the line between the cartridge and the top of the choke, we have disconnected and cleaned and flushed the line between the bottom of the choke to the top of the damper. Cleaning fluid goes through the choke. 

Still the same issue. No magenta printing. No magenta arriving at the head. Tech is out of ideas and waiting on a call back from Roland.


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