Hi, guys, i have an issue with my VP_540i printer it was print fine till the other day 

please see pictures for the problem 

whilst printing I noticed that the image wasn't as clear as it was supposed to be I  did a nozzle check and half of the red(M) head was not firing so I thought it was a cap top so changed that and pulled a load of ink through and did a nozzle check and it was running fine until I printed about a metre of print and it failed again 

So I'm thinking its a pump problem this time so any help you guys can offer would be great 



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As you see from your print, your black head is bad. You will get banding and overspray whenever that head fires.

Your cyan head will give you some overspray.

Your magenta head, half is great and the other is experiencing ink starvation. If the top is good, check the lines you may have a blockage. Magenta is a known clogger, especially in some temperature environments. If captop is funtioning, good seal, springy, lines clear, then check the second damper. Be careful for the nipple where it connect gets brittle and easily snapped.

Yellow head don't, that should be your standard for the others.

As for the pump, it is not prescriptive or bias. It will effect all heads the same. Your pump is fine.

I knew you would be able to answer this for me Irvine do you recommend a flushing on the magenta head ? 

the black could do with a flush 

it has been quite humid here as well 



A two day head soak on the black might help, but to be honest that head is done. When you have missing nozzles those can be recovered, but when they are deflecting up, down or to the sides - there is no way to correct the nozzles.

Magenta -

A flushing will not help, you need to follow both lines under the captop to the T connector and then to the pump to make sure the lines are clear. Providing that you did not touch the damper before (cracking the nipple and now it taking in air) then it needs to be replaced. You should be able to look at both and see which one is not pulling in ink. If both are same level, then think crack manifold/nipple. If there is an airlock then pull ink from the hose under the top. Ensure the head is squarely seated, if not then research flushing position for the fix. IF you do cleanings, look just before the pump there are a couple of t connectors - one should have a stopper, ensure the stopper is there - if not you will now sooner or later because the ink will be spewing on the right side.

i have just e done a 2 metre print at high res and it printed fine i have then printed a few more jobs and now it has the same issue 

we have noticed that there is air after the Y/T connector where the cap tops join 

i havent yet looked at the dampers (was hoping not to have to lol) 

have just pulled a load of ink through the lines at the pump so going to see if that helps 

right we have replaced the dampers on the red head and pulled ink through with a syringe then we printed and it had the same problem so we had a look at the lines and now the M & Y ink are not pulling through but the C & K are pulling through at all from the cartridge 

so we swapped the pipes around and it is still not pulling the M & Y through but its pulling the C & K through so the pump seems to be fine 

so i am completely stumped now so HELP !!!!

Take a picture where you changed the dampers. Not sure what you mean by pipes changed? What you can change is the ribbon cables from cyan/black to magenta/yellow. If it prints then you probably blew the fuse (my thinking). If it does not print, you probably blew the Head(printboard on the head). The ink is very corrosive and if you spill it on the wires or boards must be cleaned with alcohol soon after. If not it will eat away the coating and short out. Usually the fuse on the MB trips. 

The dampers after a while weld to the manifold nipple and extreme care must be used to remove. If you are not careful or careful enough or unlucky you will cause a hairline crack thus pull air not ink as in one of your early photos.

thanks dude 

the pipes that come from the cap tops to the pump to see if the pump had failed 

i will take a picture shortly to show you and i will try the cable swap as well



No problem Matt, this is the best way to get me. Just leave it here and if I am available I will give you my few cents. Not sure if I stated earlier, magenta is a clogger, so check the pipes. If they are clogged you will get what you are seeing. Cheers back.

no problem at all as usual guys you are awesome i have an engineer coming out tomorrow morning to have a look i have checked all the lines and cap tops etc and i have exhausted all my knowledge and dont really want to touch the heads so have a guy coming in the morning so fingers crossed 

i will keep you informed 

Thanks for the follow-up

new roland dampers, captop, manifold and all fixed

cheers guys

Thanks for the feedback, Happy CAMMing!


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