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I have come here for help, as I have hit a point where nothing has helped. I was printing a job with 8 big signs, printed 7 of them, then magenta cartridge needed changing. So changed the cartridge (I always use roland inks (ecoSol Max)) and since then, it is printing the background of my signs a dirty greenish colour. The backgrounds were more like a sky blue. The other 7 printed perfect, the 8th (after changing out the cartridge) has gone to crap. I have since done a stupid amount of tests, different formats, profiles etc, and nothing was working at all. Even sending a file at 100c 0m 10y 0k was coming out dirty. The file that I still needed to print had already been ripped (and I had actually printed a small section of the file until the ink ran out)..it was all fine.

I have been on the phone to roland head office, and we reinstalled versaworks completely, I reinstalled Corel, and then also did a factory reset of the printer (and had to re do all my values in calibrations too!!)

Since then, I have tried printing another file that was blue, and its coming out more purple now. All my colours seem to be slightly out. Nothing at all happened, except I changed a cartridge. I'm lost, very frustrated, and now also worried as I cant print anything because of the risk of my colours being wrong. Has anyone ever had something like this happen? I am desperate to find a solution, as at the moment, I cant get any work done.

Im assuming it is solely a printer issue, as the file was already ripped and partially printed when I changed the magenta, then the problem began. My nozzle tests are all A OK, no cross contamination or even missing nozzles. I sent the versaworks test file and the yellow block had what looks like cyan through it. Also the 'B' in the RGB part of the test print is more like a purple. I sent the same file from PhotoPrint and the yellow is 100Y.

Can anyone shed some light as to what may have happened? Can the magenta chip on the cartridge have caused my machine to do silly things?? Im so lost....

Thank you.

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post pictures of the nozzle test and the VW test print in seperate photos

How old are the captops

thanks irving, here are a few photos. Its hard to tell in this light, but the 3 photos shows nozzle test, VW test print (the 100 yellow has very fine specks of cyan in it??)and then the sheet to show how many tests I have done to try to get the right colour. The image with the '$10' in a pink circle is the file that had started to print when the magenta ran out, the rest of the prints are the result after changing the magenta. The rip file was the same file. (The greenish one is before I did the head clean to get the magenta through well. The rest from there on are just 'dirtier' than the original. Sorry the photos are not the best.

When I got the blue printing correctly (after 100 attempts and tweeks in colours), then the pink and purple on the signs were wrong, so I had to start again in getting these right too. The purple was more like a brown. I had to use PhotoPrint to get the last sign printed, as VW was not doing what I wanted either. Photoprint still needed a lot of tweeking to get it to print properly. Example is I was printing a sign with PMS 279, it came out a very light purple, not blue.

Captops were done on the last service approx. 18 months ago. there is no sign of cross contamination in the inks, the photo of the nozzle check is a bit dark, but the yellow is 100% clean.

Thanks for your time.


Did you try to change chips of old and new cartridge? 

Thank you for your question, I only had 1 in stock, so I cant put the old one back in as it was empty. I am off today to get another cartridge to see if it has something to do with the chip. Fingers crossed....

If you are using OEM - nothing to do with ink - if you are using 3rd Party, then no telling what it could be

Tops are rated for 6months - CMYK you can get much longer - but when you get near to where you are - the top is always a suspect.

Which profile are you using

What settings in Color Management

IN VW printer tab - all three should be default media settings

raster or vector

file tab in VW check convert spot colors and special colors

You will get some overspray issues based on what I see on your nozzle test, also your column is not straight so you had a scan direction head strike which slightly offset the printheads. A copeck will confirm the headstrike and a bias will confirm the head being off. You will need a tech to reset but the color test shows you should be able to achieve the colors you want.


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