Here is a copy of my test print can anyone help me read it? Looks like color contamination or im i wrong?

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When you take a nozzle test take it straight on and not from an angle.

The black side of the black/cyan head is shot (normal)

The magenta and yellow head is out of alignment

The color shifting is that you need a cap top

I do not answer chats or PMs, thanks

Should i buy a new head or you think i can solve some of the issues with a cleaning cartridge? Thanks for the fast reply.

You can solve your problem with a tech. That head is exhausted. That machine is about 10 years old.

Ok thank you, i will look for a tech in my area.

You can handle the captops and maybe the scraper on your own, but who ever does the head should change the tops, wipers, scraper, dampers, and head. If this is you first CAMM then you will need a lot of youtubes and the service manual.

Hello Irv , its been a while and many issues later i learned so much about my SP300V i change most of the parts myself. Im looking to buy a bigger printer and i saw one on Ebay for pickup locally the seller sent me a picture of the Test Print and the printer is going for $4800 its a Soljet Pro III XJ540. Here is a picture; do you think its a fair price?

Not your biggest issue

Head strike knocked head out of alignment

Columns are not straight

Black head is shot

How old is captop

When last time encoder strip changed

This was for the 300V


I do not do prices - to subjective and variables

Looks like it needs one head so add that to the cost

the black channel on B - not sure if a good head soak will clear those nozzles. The rest are reasonable and not enough to cause print issues, the black will. Get the VW test print and check for banding and colors and then consider how it is getting from points A to B.

Thank you for the fast reply! Will take the chance and buy it and do a head soak hopefully that will clear some of the clogged nozzles. $4800 seems pretty reasonable ive seen XJ540s for around 8k

Where is the machine coming from - not the specific address

Its in Hawthorne NY pretty close for me to go pick up

Great - you will want to resist it - but when you pick it up see the VW test print - print in front of you

Then in prepping the machine pump up the ink - (pushing all of the ink through the heads will not help, but start loosing up the dried ink in the nozzles) 

Then when you arrive at your location you can do a fill - more ink moving through the nozzles - then do a test print to see where you are.

The little bit of ink used is a lot cheaper (ink cheapest thing on these machines) than the repairs required if in moving the ink spills internally and destroy the parts. A tilt in the wrong direction, the head uncapping, unexpected delays in power can toast it. Best of Luck.


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