Hello,  I've been searching everywhere looking for someone to help me with my printing problem.   I have an old 1989 Toyota MR2 that I have restored.  The car has metallic pinstripes around the vehicle as well as metallic trunk decals.  I have been looking for someone to recreate the original decals however that seems to be next to impossible for everyone that I have spoke with and had made samples.

What I am looking for and hoping someone here can help me or point me in the right direction is this...

PINSTRIPES - I need a clear piece of tape approximately 1cm wide with three 2cm wide metallic charcoal grey stripes PRINTED ON it - not three separate pieces of stripe.  There will be a 2cm space between each stripe.  The tape should be at least 30 inches long and I need about 30 feet of tape to do my whole car.  And there should be a sliver of clear on each side of the stripes so as not trim off the colour when it's cut.  See attached picture.

TRUNK DECAL - I need two trunk decals made, one that says Toyota MR2 and the other says Supercharged.  These will be the same charcoal grey metallic with a silver border and each decal will be printed onto one piece of clear tape - not individually cut letters. See attached picture.

I know this sounds little ocd but I want the stripes and decals to be accurate replicas of the factory OEM decals.  Of course the material will need to be vehicle-grade that will withstand the elements and not peel off. 

The below pictures are of some samples I had made and they factory OEM correct however the colour is wrong - these are black.

I have the vector files... I just need to find someone who can print them in dark charcoal grey metallic.  Can anyone help???  I've been working on this for over a year and most everyone I speak to says it's too difficult a job and not cost effective.  I have the money... I just need to someone willing to do it.

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So is this considered metallic???  Or is it something else?  I'm referring to the Toyota decal above. 

That is a printable glitter vinyl media with black printed on it.


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