Hello,  I've been searching everywhere looking for someone to help me with my printing problem.   I have an old 1989 Toyota MR2 that I have restored.  The car has metallic pinstripes around the vehicle as well as metallic trunk decals.  I have been looking for someone to recreate the original decals however that seems to be next to impossible for everyone that I have spoke with and had made samples.

What I am looking for and hoping someone here can help me or point me in the right direction is this...

PINSTRIPES - I need a clear piece of tape approximately 1cm wide with three 2cm wide metallic charcoal grey stripes PRINTED ON it - not three separate pieces of stripe.  There will be a 2cm space between each stripe.  The tape should be at least 30 inches long and I need about 30 feet of tape to do my whole car.  And there should be a sliver of clear on each side of the stripes so as not trim off the colour when it's cut.  See attached picture.

TRUNK DECAL - I need two trunk decals made, one that says Toyota MR2 and the other says Supercharged.  These will be the same charcoal grey metallic with a silver border and each decal will be printed onto one piece of clear tape - not individually cut letters. See attached picture.

I know this sounds little ocd but I want the stripes and decals to be accurate replicas of the factory OEM decals.  Of course the material will need to be vehicle-grade that will withstand the elements and not peel off. 

The below pictures are of some samples I had made and they factory OEM correct however the colour is wrong - these are black.

I have the vector files... I just need to find someone who can print them in dark charcoal grey metallic.  Can anyone help???  I've been working on this for over a year and most everyone I speak to says it's too difficult a job and not cost effective.  I have the money... I just need to someone willing to do it.

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Can anyone help or point me in the right direction??

cutline color needs to be a stroke and not a fill.

Not sure what that means?

the pink is the cut LINE color. You're using it to fill the entire area you want cut. It needs to be just a stroke color around that shape.

Have you seen the Roland metallic print out the dark gray has a sort of metallic hue very nice colour but not bright flecks which I think you want.

Tried a few times to emulate real Metallic but failed 

No I’m not looking for bright flecks of metallic. More a muted color but can tell there’s a slight metallic to it.  Just like this factory decal...

Think in this instance you will have to try screen print or air brush. Don't think there are foils available for thermal print.

One thing you have the required outlines to create the masks which quite often is a stumbling block


this is a simple decal to produce on a VS machine with metallic ink.

I’m not so sure it’s that simple.  I’ve called countless print shops and I’ve gotten the same answer over and over... that it’s near impossible to do.  I’ve had two sets made..

The first, the color was perfect but the way they were made was wrong.  They couldn’t or wouldn’t print the trunk decals onto one piece of tape/decal. 

The second set was done perfectly except the color was wrong as they couldn’t print the metallic.  Some just need someone who print metallic... I’ve already got the vector files to work from.

Can anyone help me??? 

I have the printed decals,  I have the vector digital file,  I just need someone to print them in dark charcoal grey metallic. 

Infuriating I know but it's the metallic flecks that are the problem. Whether they be large or small don't matter just the fact they are there and what most people call metallic effect.

The gray and silver are printable on a vs metallic printer but no flecks one thing I have thought of is a metallic flecked laminate is available and could be cut and positioned over just the print. For vehicle use the print has to be laminated any way I often use a thin cast vinyl for this

I my view a simple job except for the flecks done lots similar 

Being a old school petrol head


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