Ok, this keeps happening recently - when it happened the first time we thought maybe we needed to clean the machine (just cleaned it the week before).  But it happened again today.  The color is suppose to be royal blue, Pantone 288C, it is coming out more of a Navy and at certain points almost a black.

We have cleaned the machine once a week for the last two weeks, exactly as in the instructions.

I am attaching a picture of it as well as the CDR file.

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Looks exactly like 288c should look to me, Mark

I've always used PMS 286 for Royal.........or PMS 285 for a brighter, light Royal

Lady Di

Thanks Lady Di! 

I will try these next time.  But the problem is it is turning darker specifically on one side.  It is hard to tell in the pictures but on the right side it is almost black.

What machine do you have? Have you changed out your cap tops at any time? It may be a bit of ink starvation due to a faulty captop.

SP300i, only had it about 9 months and we are pretty religous about keeping it clean at least once a month.  Not familiar with "cap tops" so is there a video on this maybe?


no video here ..... yet - the captop is the rubber and sponge area that the head rests on when not printing. Attached is a guide to show you how to replace them.


The guide is for VP and RS- does it still apply foto SP? 

Also, now it is not doing blue at all - it is bringing black inplace of the blue (or at least so dark it appears that way). Not good for a town that is Blue and Orange...

it does apply to all models of printers. You are sounding like it is a clogged captop - call Imprintables at 800-347-0068 and order a new set of captops - they will get them out to you and just switch them out.

Excellent - will do thanks so much Steve!  Have a great day.


Is your CYAN cartridge near empty?

I had this same problem with yellow, 100% yellow would have a red tint for the first 6 inches or so.  This is what I think caused my issues:

1 - clogged captop - red ink was puddling in the captop so I guess every time the heads would sit in the captops some of that red puddle would get into the yellow nozzles

2 - the yellow ink cartridge was near empty and it seemed as if the magenta was somehow cyphening back into the yellow lines.  I'm not a tech so I'm not sure this "cyphening" was happening, but thats what it seemed like.

Replacing the captops and putting in a new Yellow ink catridge fixed my problem.

Good Luck!


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