Hello everyone:

I hope someone might be able to steer me in the right direction here.

I have a client who owns a Jiu Jitsu gym and he's looking to have the gym's logo heat transferred to the back of the kimonos they wear.

The kimonos are 100% cotton, but have a heavy texture to them and the HTM2 will not work well.  Is there another material that is best suited for this application?

Thank you.


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Is it a full color logo ? If not go with a cad cut material such as Stahls Thermo Film or other thick material. If digital go with a thick printable like QP from Imprintables.

Thank you for the reply.  It's a black logo, but I'd like to be to have the option of doing full color on such a garment if needed.  Have you used the Thermo Film and QP?  Have you had good success with it?  Any idea on this Fibron stuff from Fellers?  It's a 4mil vinyl, it says it's not recommended on 100% cotton, but then the bottom of the description says if you are using it on cotton to wash it first. 

Thanks again!


I have used both. I use Stahls for pretty much everything athletic its a little thicker and holds up well. Doesn't show the weave in the fabric like some others.

Quickprint is my choice for digital, the only con I have is sometimes it leaves a very  thin white edge after its pressed. Some say its the adhesive. If your design can have a white border it really doesn't affect anything. Its almost foolproof and a little thicker than some others. Not very stretchable but in the case the material you will apply to is not made to stretch anyway.

Never used the Fellers product. If you have to wash first I wouldn't recommend it.

I would use Stahls Themo Film or Eco Print from Imprintables.  The Eco-Print is easy to use and very versatile.  We use both extensively. 

I use quick print on karate Ghi's with out any propblems. we where screenprinting the ghi's they changed something in the material of the ghi's or dye and we started to have problems with them holding up after washing. Since we have been using quick print we have not ay problems.


Thank you for the replies.  I appreciate everyone's input.

Hey Brad, do the gis you print on have that heavy texture in it?  You don't have any problems with the vinyl lifting off the low valley of the texture?  Thanks. Constantine

these are the thinner karate Ghi's not the heavier ones. They are pretty smooth.

if you are working with the Ghi;s that resemble cordorory material you will need to use heavy pressure in order to press into the valleys. Much like doing diamond mesh jerseys.

OK, I've got another run to do here, so I will up the pressure on the press to see if that works.  Thank you!

To follow up wit this thread here.  We increased the pressure on the press and I make sure to rub over top of the piece with a Teflon squeegee while the piece is hot.  It seems to make a pretty big difference, and there hasn't been any issues with the heavy textured gis.



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