I started the head wash by mistake by my Versacamm vs540. Is there a way how to cancel it ? If I powercycle the machine it starts again. Thanks a lot

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Which mode were you in - Service or User?

I am a newbie but I suppose in Service mode. If I am right the Head wash option is not present in the User mode. 

LOL for as a newbie - you should not be in the service mode. There is a way that I forgot, but the easiesty way is to do a factory reset, which will reset everything and will be a night mare for you. 

Try unplugging it for 15 mins, then replug and turn on see if that works, if not

then unplug, turn on, unplug immediately, then replug and turn on and let boot up

Try in in this order and let me know if either works

Thanks a lot. I'l try and let you know. I'v got the machine almost for free. It was switched off for more than one year and looks like head is gone. I did the head soak for 24 hours, did all the cleanings but still no output. 

Yes but on that machine you need a cleaning cartridge for each slot (x8). Your head soak should be for 48 hours using OEM cleaning solvent and clamping lines under the captop. You also need a new captop. I need to know if anything is printing or nothing at all - that makes a difference. The headsoak is the right approach, but head maybe gone. It will be hard to get a good suction from a dried out captop, but try. Clamp the lines to prevent cleaning fluid from draining out, check after 24 hours, you should see sludge. if yes, a few powerful cleans - it will look like crap, but that is ok you need to see ink starting to come back.

I did not work. The wash job starts immediately after boot up. See the attached pic.


Ok what happens when you go through the menu as if you were going to do the wash? When it tells you to insert the cleaning carts, then stop the machine and restart. It will either take you out of it or start it all over again. It has been a while, but I know back to back starting should take you out of it.


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