Happy Holidays All,

I'm new to print and cut industry and looking to get myself used Roland XR-640. I found decent offer that seems to be in a good condition, but there are few things that I would be thankful to hear feedback on from more experienced people as most of you are.

- Print head shot counts are as high as 5.5billion which is a lot assuming that DX7 print heads last ~6B shot counts. What are your experience, would you consider used equipment with similar parameters? Replacing 2 of these DX7 heads in say 6month or 12months time would be painful, but if your experience suggests that these heads might last as long as 8B shots than maybe it's reasonable risk?

History Report

- Yellow colour seems a bit blurry on test print, should it be that way? Also gap between test print lines in the very middle is a bit inconsistent, is that ok?

Test Print

Any help for a newbie like me would be greatly appreciated, thank you all and have Merry Christmas.


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Based on the nozzle test the heads look in good condition and should allow you to work the machine and put some away for an eventual head replacement. Long in the future if you take care of the machine. If you seen the head count, then how are the motors; what are some of the error codes; are the other indicators ok. Look at the yellow under a blue light. Have you seen the machine print, did you watch the test print being printed? The gap in the middle just means the machine need calibration. A Menu item setting.

Thanks a lot for response Irving!

Glad the gap in the middle is only calibration issue.

Test print and history report has been printed in my presence, attached history report indicates to:

  • motor error (feed) 16 times
  • motor error  (scan) 24 times
  • start uncapped 43 times
  • emergency capping 1 time

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I believe feed & scan motor error is nothing unusual on used equipment and so is uncapped start? Besides mentioned errors I did not find anything unless I'm missing something.

Is there any other significant metrics / indicators that should be checked outside of history report?

Thanks a lot,



Those motor errors are head strikes

The uncaps are after the strikes so the machine started 3 more times not over the cap station

None of those are bad but could explain missing nozzles of which you have none

Motor hours will indicate how much scheduled life is left before it might need replacement

The only concern would be how you move it from point A to point B

For me that is major concern indeed. I'm planning to take it from London UK to Latvia which is about 1400 miles apart, will drive it myself. Still have to do proper research on how XR-640 has to be prepared prior long distance drive. As far as I know I will have to:

  • secure the head
  • drain the ink
  • replace the ink with cleaning Cartridge

Does that sound about right?

You are just going to do a pump up

The ink needs to come out - that is very important

Thank you Irving, appreciate your feedback!

welcome, if you have any issues when doing the pump up - reach out


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